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Welcome, welcome, welcome

Hi there! Thanks for visiting elmowrites, a blog about writing, procrastinating from writing, and trying to persuade other people to pay me for writing … I hope you enjoy your time here.

To get the ball rolling, allow me to introduce a few of the most important characters you’re likely to come across:

1. Me. I’m Elmo, also known as Jen. I used to be a lawyer, but I’m currently exploring the possibilities in writing fiction, and i’m waiting tables in the meantime. I’m English and live in Canada, so you’ll have to get used to my mid-Atlantic use of the English language, I’m afraid.

2. Pepsi and Max. They are my cats and writing buddies.  They, along with the mysterious Mr E (my husband), make up my household.

3. Eric. Like everything I write, the novel I am currently working on is known by the name of its main character, in this case, Eric. Eric is a 50 chapter novel, currently entering 2nd draft form through some fairly heavy editing. I’ve also got a load of short stories and ideas to work on.

4. You. The most important people of all – the readers.

Everything (and everyone) else, we’ll pick up as we go along – welcome to our world.


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