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Riding high

I was tempted to post about my recent procrastinations, but events have overtaken me and before I got down to writing, I received some excellent news.
This year, it has been my challenge to submit at least one piece of writing to a contest or publication every month. For a serious writer, this would be a meagre contribution, but I have never submitted before, and I wanted to aim for something achievable. Besides, the cost of submitting restricts my attempts, and a lot of my “writing” time is dedicated to editing Eric, which is not going to lead to any sort of submission in the near future, but is part of a longer-term goal.
Over the year I’ve had highs and lows – a rejection notice with a “please try us again in the future” being a bit of both – and this week I’ve had a nice good high.
I submitted three 100-word stories to the Laurier Centennial Drabble Contest, back in March. The three stories were on different topics – Leadership, Inspiration and Purpose. I have recently heard that my Leadership story was chosen as a Runner Up and my Inspiration drabble gets an Honorable Mention. Both will feature in a commemorative booklet and I am off to a ceremony to celebrate at the end of the month.

As I’ve signed away first publishing rights to both of them, here’s the one that didn’t make the grade. I hope you enjoy it anyway…


Morning, I am a mother: arguing Ian into his uniform because “Thursday is swimming, Mummy. I don’t like swimming,” and sneaking chocolate into his bag as a reward.

Afternoon, I am a wife: shouting at Daniel for being late, almost making me late for class; throwing their dinner in the oven as I run out.

Evening, I am an independent woman. Three hours of drawing naked models with people I don’t know.

Night, I am… My house is a smoking ruin. The police woman says it was probably a gas leak: they wouldn’t have felt a thing. I am…?


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