Friday Fiction #2

It turns out I got muddled about the different between pages and posts. hh, the joys of learning to blog. So anyway, my friday fiction posts will in future appear here, along with all my other musings. I hope you enjoy them and, as ever, please feel free to leave comments (good or bad).

This week’s inspiration, as ever from was this picture:


“I’m here to enrol my daughter into your class. I hope it’s OK, she’s got her own horse. They are inseparable.” Mrs Dray laid her purse on the desk.

“We do normally provide the horses here.”

“I know, but they’ve been riding together since she was a little girl. You see, Ginger is blind. Josie is her eyes.”

“Wow. A lot of people wouldn’t have bothered. It’s hard enough to take care of a horse as it is. A lot of people would have had Ginger put to sleep.”

“Ginger is my daughter.  Would they still put her to sleep?”


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10 responses to “Friday Fiction #2

  1. Oh, that’s great. I get the feel of a Hogwarts-esque kind of school with horses being the wand, or something like that.

    Quick couple of things, I think you have a typo in the first sentence (enrol = enroll) and then again in the quotation that begins “Wow” (the first “I” should be “A”). Obviously super easy to fix, and sometimes so easy to overlook — I know I do it.

    Thanks for writing!

    Here’s mine:

  2. I love this! Oops! “Hoof in mouth disease!” Pun intended!

  3. Thanks for the comments! And for the typos, Lime – one fixed, although Word tells me enrol is right and enroll wrong. Hmmm… Time to find an old fashioned paper dictionary!

  4. A beautiful story populated with endearing characters whose unspoken stories fill my mind. Lots going on here. Thanks for the introduction.



  5. Ele

    This reads like a fun activity for a cold-ish Friday morning. Not sure if you stopped at the Rooster yesterday. I was there at around 2:30 and there were no free seats (very popular place) and loud music drumming into my head. I didn’t stay for long…

  6. Well done! I like that the person assumed the wrong direction and was corrected. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. oh the person stepped in some horse poo there.too funny !Great story.

  8. Madison Woods

    Huge paradigm shift in only 100 words. Great job and you set a wonderful scene. Thanks for joining us!

    My stories are usually posted on pages but the call to join and the photo prompt is on a post, but there’s a page about Friday Fictioneers too, so if you were trying to find your way around at my site and got lost, I can see why.

  9. A nice little story. A nice little twist.

  10. Sweet and to the point, Robin

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