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12 Days of Christmas (or Seeking Inspiration)

As is traditional, I’ll be spending most of the twelve days of Christmas dashing around the UK visiting various family and friends. I probably won’t have internet access for some of it, and I certainly won’t have a lot of time for writing. But I don’t want to stop exercise my creative muscles, so I’ll have my notebook with me and I’d love to pen a short piece, perhaps 100 words, every one of those twelve days.

To do that, I need your help! If you follow this blog, hopefully that means you like reading what I write – imagine if you could be a part of that! I’m looking for 12 pieces of inspiration – a link to a photo on your tumblr / flickr page, or simply one you’ve found online; a first line, a character or a title, or a writing exercise like the “page of a dictionary” one I did the other day. Anything at all – it can be Christmas related or not, and about absolutely anything you like. If I get twelve ideas, I’ll write one every day from 25th December to 6th Jan and post as often as I get Wifi, so check back or subscribe to see the fruits of your labours!

In the meantime, a practice run, based on a game we played at my writers’ group Christmas Party last week (yup, we sure know how to have fun!). A twelve word story (including the title).

Christmas dinner. Cranberry, stuffing, potatoes, gravy. And Pedro, yesterday’s pet. Gobble gobble.


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