On the 10th Day of Christmas…

I asked my husband to give me some inspiration about Christmas, and he said “Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say,” so that’s today’s title. If you would like to help me with tomorrow or the next day – the last 2 days of my 12 day project, I’d love to see your suggestions. Otherwise, normal twice-a-week service will be resumed after that. As ever, comments are my favourite things – please feel free to leave them.

Then, one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa stopped by his friend Ifan’s house.

“I’m not sure I’m up for this any more,” he said.

“What? But you can’t just stop!”

“Why not? Most people don’t believe in me any more, and even those that do want named brand products, not the sort of stuff the elves can build in the workshop. It’s heart breaking.”

Ifan pulled out a chair and passed his friend a cup of low-fat hot chocolate. “You once told me that if one child believed in Christmas, it was still worth it to do the job.”

Santa stood up and guided his old friend to the window. “See that out there? That’s freezing fog. The reindeer will grumble, Mrs C will gripe about the anti-social hours, the children won’t like their presents and the parents will eat my mince pies and drink my sherry. You really think I still believe that stuff?”

Ifan looked at the sleigh loaded up outside, at his friend’s big red coat and hat – quite different from his usual evening wear, and he smiled. “Yep! I think you’re teasing an old friend.”

“Works every year,” laughed the fat man, heading for the door. “Merry Christmas!”


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4 responses to “On the 10th Day of Christmas…

  1. “Ten lords a-leaping…”

  2. john alexander

    what about the morality of returning unwanted Christmas gifts for the money?

    Are Christmas cards good or should we spend the money on more deserving causes?

  3. Stephen Alexander

    Awww that’s sweet!

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