On the 11th Day of Christmas…

Thanks to Stacey for the suggestion for today’s piece … 10 Lords a-Leaping (although, I was always taught 12 Lords… it doesn’t matter, same principles apply). One day left and then we’re back to normal service. Happy New Year!

10 Lords A-Leaping

“What are you writing?”

“A song, but I’m stuck on this alliteration. The maids are milking, the swans swimming and the partridge is in a pear tree. What do Lords do?”


“Realistic, but not very family friendly.”


“Hah! No!”

“They could be laughing.”

“They could, but I feel lords would be more likely to chortle or guffaw than laugh.”

“How about leaping?”

“Like salmon? Ten salmons a-spawning? That’s going to be hard to wrap! Mind you, so are leaping Lords and milking maids. Sod it, leaping will do. Right, that’s that finished.”

“Err… shouldn’t the geese be gaying?”


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2 responses to “On the 11th Day of Christmas…

  1. Awwww… thanks, Jen! Figures it would be something like that! 😀

  2. Stumo

    Love the idea of “6 geese a gaying…” (Also enjoying the other stories…)

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