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Platform Building

When I was at university, a keen theatre technician, I liked little more than lugging metrodeck (or in the older days, steeldeck) onto scaff legs and then crawling about underneath tightening the bolts that held it in place (known as “monkeying” because of the need to climb up and into the small spaces). My best friend and I were both equally keen on this job, our determination enabling us to lift heavy decking and our small bodies making us ideal monkeys.

Platform-building, in those days, was something I was good at.

But now, platform-building is a dark art to me. A lot of my friends read and (I hope) enjoy this blog, but I’m struggling to get it out to the wider world. I’ve started researching this topic online and if you’re looking closely you might spot a few changes in the coming weeks and months as I seek out new and wonderful ways to get more visitors and followers, but if you have any suggestions for things I could do (or do better) I’d LOVE to hear from you.

In the meantime, if you enjoy Elmowrites and you know anyone else who might share your interest, do pass on the link!

For now, I’m off to find an adjustable spanner (wrench to all you yankees!)


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