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Friday Fiction #11

As usual, this week’s inspiration came from Madison’s picture below. You can find Madison’s blog, and links to lots of other postcard fiction inspired by the picture, here: http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/the-western-sky-100-words/ I do recommend you take a look, there are some great writers hiding out there on the blogosphere and you might find your next favourite. For me… well, you’ll see what I came up with. Comments and critiques always welcome (see my previous post “Write Better” to learn in detail how much I love crits!)

Sunset in the East

From horizon to horizon, the light shone like the sunset: heartbreaking at the end of the day, but faithful in its promise of dawn tomorrow. The last leaves of autumn clung to the trees which stood in crisp silhouette against its brilliant glow.

In that moment, there was neither sound nor smoke. Microseconds later the cloud began to rise, foretold by expanding rings of brightness, climbing into the sky and leaving the mushroom stalk in its wake.

Seconds of silence.

The earth shook. A deafening roar swept through the valley. Sunset in the East brought the night and the winter.


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