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The more writing blogs I read, the more writing goals I come across. Like New Year’s Resolutions, they pick up on all the things the writer wants to achieve in a set timeframe, usually the next year. By pinning our colours to the mast, we hope that we’ll be more likely to stand by them.

So I thought, why not? Here’s my flag. I am Standard Bearer, General and Frontline Soldier. I will salute it every morning and evening, and defend it with my dying breath. Unless, of course, life gets in the way, because on the other flag pole is a non-writing flag, which has got a couple of big life-eating pictures on it, like getting back into my career.


1. I will edit and redraft Eric into a polished “Second draft” format for sending out to readers by 1st July 2012.

2. I will endeavour to have Eric “finished” and ready for submission by 31st December 2012.


1. Barring lack of internet connection or another fine excuse, I will post at least twice a week to this blog – on a variety of topics on Mondays and with Flash Fiction on Fridays.

2. I will continue to submit at least one piece in at least one place each month.


1. I will continue to edit and polish last year’s NaNo stories and miscellaneous other short pieces already in my collection.

2. I will write new shorts when they come to me, or when I have spare time. And in particular, at least one in July 2012 once Eric is with readers.

3. I will win NaNo 2012, whilst also being coML for the Toronto region. How hard can that be?

4. I’ll crit any piece I’m asked to.

5. I’ll look into writing or related jobs / careers, including editing.


There. It’s up. Hoisting it was the easy part, protecting it will take work, motivation and determination. If you’d like to raise your own flag, either in the comments or by posting a link below, please go ahead. This is one of those battles where we’re all on the same side.

Please join me in the first salute.


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