Protecting the Flag – Progress Report

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might remember my Flag Raising post ( and my Booker’s Seven Progress Report ( in which I set out some of my plans and goals for the year.

So, I thought as a new month blooms – come on March, let’s have some blooming! – I would give a quick update.


My goal is to finish this edit by 1st July. My plan is to get back into that this month, now that the hectic February of FAWM and Editing Booker’s Seven is over.


I have succeeded in submitting above target this month – three pieces – and in keeping up the regular blog posts.


I’ve finished my first edits of Booker’s Seven. The table now looks like this

Story Idea

Booker Plot


Colonisation Overcoming the monster Awaiting Beta Readers
Wild West Voyage / Return Awaiting Beta Readers
Concert Tragedy Awaiting Beta Readers
Road Trip Comedy Awaiting Beta Readers
Stargazing Rebirth Awaiting Beta Readers
Robin Hood Quest With Stage 2 Beta readers
Phoenix Rags to Riches With Stage 2 Beta readers

 If Beta Reading is something you’d like to do, and think you do well, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve written another short piece this month, called Moving On. I can’t decide how good it is, but review is something I’ll save until it has matured a little in a drawer!

I’ve also drafted the lyrics to 14 songs for FAWM (February Album Writing Month). Unfortunately my husband and musical collaborator didn’t have time this month to compose the music, but he’s hoping to get that done over the rest of the year. I can’t wait to record another album with him.

Not much criting last month, apart from my regular writing groups and a friend’s new website. Still, I’ve been busy enough without it!

All quiet on the job front, but again, I guess I can’t do everything at once!


How are your writing goals going? What’s the hardest thing to keep up with? For me, it’s always the big projects – like Eric. Wish me luck this month as I drag myself back into the habit of editing a novel manuscript.

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