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Friday Fictioneers – Lucy

Once again, Madison Woods (http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/you-wanna-piece-a-me-100-words/) has given us a challenge with this week’s picture, but on the plus side it did allow me to return to a slightly more morbid tone! This week was very much an exercise in automatic writing, I thought for less than a minute before I started this one, and the only edits were to tweak the number of words. I’ve love to hear what you think, and whether that has improved or hampered my story-telling for you!


The dog? Oh, I don’t know where she came from. She appeared about the anniversary of the fire. I didn’t pay her much attention at first; the site’s a haven for strays. She didn’t look dishevelled enough to have been a stray for long, but she’d no collar, and she hadn’t eaten in a few days.

But she seemed to favour me. She came to my door each morning, even though at first I didn’t feed her. And there was something about her eyes. I hadn’t seen eyes like that since I lost Lucy. How could I send her away?


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