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Somebody Loves Me!

Actually, the title’s a little ridiculous. I’ve got a wonderful husband, family and friends, so I have the privilege of feeling loved every day. But this week is particularly special, against that context.


First, Stacey Plowright nominated me for The Commentator Award. Like the Versatile Blogger Award, this is a peer award for bloggers to recognise each other’s contributions to the blogosphere. This time, to thank those who have left kind, helpful or -for whatever reason- good comments on the awarder’s blog. It recognises that one of the key aspects of blogging is the interaction we get from comments, but for me, it’s also a chance to say a big Thank You to all the commenters who take the time to critique my writing. I’m a better writer thanks to you all, and to these few in particular. (If you’ve been nominated before, or just don’t want to carry this on, feel free not to.)

My first two nominees, I chose for their helpful critique comments on my Friday Fiction, but also on my other posts the rest of the week. It’s great to know that I’m provoking interest and comments even outside the Fictioneers main event! Thanks, Rich  and Brian

Doug is one of my most consistent and generous commentators on Fridays. I have sometimes teased him for never saying anything constructive, but he was one of the first Fictioneers to welcome me to the group, and I look forward to his generous praise anyway. If he ever comes up with critique, I will certainly know he means it!

Sandra gets the prize for Most Helpful Suggestion ever! Commenting on a piece I wrote about a small rodent’s view of the world, she came up with the perfect title, Ragondin.

Finally, a real-life commentator, whose critiques of my work are detailed and invaluable. Sam is a member of one of my writing groups, and I always enjoy his work as well as his comments on mine. As well as writing, he’s a fantastic artist – both skills are on display online.

** If you want to carry on the award, pick up to 10 people, nominate them in a blog post and let them know you’ve done it, and please mention me for giving you the award.


The second reason I’m feeling loved comes from a less personal source – this esteemed publication in Canada. A few weeks ago, I submitted a handful of shorts from my “Friday Fiction” collection to this magazine and I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to share the news that two of them (including Ragondin mentioned above) have been accepted. More news on publication dates and details in the future, but for now, a whoop of joy and a celebratory dance!


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