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Friday Fiction – Opportunity Knocks

It’s Friday again! Time for a bit of Friday Fiction, courtesy of Madison Woods. Do take a look at her page if you’d like to see a huge variety of other interpretations of the picture prompt below. I was feeling philosophical today, so here’s my take on the picture. Not so much a story as a moment in time. I’d love to hear what you think.

Opportunity Knocks

Forbidden fruit, nestled among spiky vines, they glow red and bulbous, fit to burst with sweet juice, which makes me salivate at the very thought. Like so many chances, they exist in this idyllic state for only a single moment. Yesterday, they were not quite ripe. Tomorrow they will be gone, stolen away by eager beaks, claws or my siblings’ hands. Or mother will have sullied them with permissibility – with sugar, pectin, or the heat of an oven and a crumble topping.

Only today can I be sure of the perfect delight of a stolen raspberry, straight from the bush.


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