100th Post

Back on 5th September 2011, I opened this blog with a Welcome post, now it’s less than a year later and I’m on post #100. Thank you all for making this blog such a fun project to work on and here’s to the next 100. I thought I’d celebrate with a 10×10 post, ten lists of ten things each. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Ten Things I’m Proud Of (Writing-related)

300 followers. Days no longer go by without someone stopping by to read, like or comment. My plan to submit something every month is working. Competition and Publication success with my 100 words stories. Still editing, however plodding that has become. I write almost every day. I find the more I write, the easier it becomes. The amazing writing friends I’ve gained, through online and off-line writing groups. Learning to critique other people’s writing (which I hope is also making me a better critic of my own). Experimenting through Bookers’ 7 and the Friday Fictioneers with new genres and styles.

2. Ten Goals For The Future

Finish editing Booker’s 7 before Baby arrives. Return to Eric when he’s rested a little more and edit him to the stage where I can shop him around for publication. Be a great Mum. Buy a house. Keep up with this blog even after Baby arrives. Visit Australia. Eat something grown in my (as yet non-existent) garden. Abseil something tall. Publish a novel. Leave something behind.

3. Ten Books I Love

The Narnia series (Ok, technically that’s 7 books right there, but tough). Jane Eyre. Winnie the Pooh. 5 People You Meet In Heaven. The Three Musketeers. The Post-Birthday World. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. The Art Of Happiness. A Child’s Garden of Verses. My (as yet unpublished) first masterpiece.

4. Ten Things That Make Me Mad

Driving in Toronto. Bigotry. Dishonesty. Cold Callers. Selfishness. People who put the lives of others at risk. The fact my TV keeps crashing. Losing stuff. Irrational price differentials. The quality of vegetables available in Canada (or lack thereof).

5. Ten Things That Never Fail To Make Me Smile (WARNING: cutesy stuff alert!)

Sitting on soft grass. Pepsi cuddles. Max’s purr. Hugs. The english countryside. The Toronto cityscape at sunset. Let Loose’s “Crazy For You”. Seeing Jon after any time apart. Baby kicks. A letter from my best friend, Joy.

6. Ten Songs I Will Always Love

Have a Nice Day – Bon Jovi. American Pie – Don Mclean. Blackbird – The Beatles. Defying Gravity – Wicked cast. Shine – Take That. You Make Me Smile – Uncle Kraker. The World – Brad Paisley. The Rose – Westlife. Whiter Shade of Pale – Procul Harum. It’s Raining Men – The Weathergirls.

7. Ten Guys I’ve Had A Crush On (oh the shame! Note the past tense here, but roughly in date order)

The guy in 5th year that me and my friend used to stalk in school (even then, we didn’t know his name). Jon Bon Jovi. Emilio Estevez. Ronan Keating. Colonel Fitzwilliam (from Pride and Prejudice. Not the actor, the character.) Matt Beale (blame Ant, it’s all her fault). Sam the Thesp. Sean Bean. Shane Filan. Kimi Raikonnen.

8. Ten Places I’d Like To Go (I’ve been to so many amazing places already, some of these are “again”)

Uluru. The Maldives. Macchu Pichu. On a train across Canada. Oklahoma. Eire. Narnia. The Galapagos Islands. Nova Scotia. Dolwydellan.

9. Ten Faces Loved and Lost

My grandparents: Eve and Ken. My friends: Roger, Catherine and Hilda.  My rabbits: Thumper, Snuffy, Elmo and Sooty. My fish: Flipper.

10. Ten Of My Favourite Posts from the Last 99!

Divided by a common language.

Falling Softly.


So What Do You Do?


It’s Alive

More On Inspiration and Murderers

5th – 8th Days of Christmas

Naming Names

May I Introduce…?


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11 responses to “100th Post

  1. HI Jen,

    A lot here to go through. I’ll be visiting and reading all your favorite posts. I’m sorry about the vegetables and that I didn’t make the crush list. Ah, well…

    Congratulations on everything 10×10 and 100 x 100.



    P.S. It has been a pleasure following you, being critiqued by you and reading your FridayFictioneer stories. Ciao, D.

  2. Congratulations! There’s no doubt you deserve the followers: I’ve always looked forward to your FFs and appreciated your comments on mine. Keep it up!

  3. abodythatworks

    Madam, I’m honoured. And the feeling is mutual on your missives. 🙂

    I am, however, shocked that BP (+pink shirt) did not make the crush list. How would you ever Bosch anything properly without him?

    Proud of you.

    • Oh dear – Sorry Joy! Poor Brad. Usefulness in Bosching comparable to “Jessica Dawes mud-wrestling” and I wrote an ENTIRE ESSAY about him once too. Maybe he should have a post all to himself by way of apology. Mind you, not now the Jolie woman’s got her claws into him 😉

  4. john from Scotland

    Well what to say but lets start;
    congrats on reaching and keeping going to 100.
    shock at the guy in the 5th year! only joking.
    As the Dad I think it best to stop here.
    Good Luck with the next 100

  5. how am i not included in #7??

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