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Excuses, excuses and a little life update!

I wanted to apologise for the fact that my attentions have been distracted recently. I’ve tried to keep up with blogging and, just as importantly, reading other people’s blogs, but I know it’s slipped down the priority list and sometimes off the bottom.

On Friday, I had a lovely day reading everyone’s response to the Friday Fictioneers prompt from Madison Woods. Madison’s prompts are fantastically varied and full of inspriation, even the yucky ones like Friday’s. And the responses to themĀ make fascinating reading, from the funny to the scary to the downright sad. Similarly, the written prompts from BeKindRewrite, which lead to Inspiration Monday are great ways to kick-start the brain and I always enjoy reading the responses to those too.

Reading other people’s responses is just as important to me as writing my own. I love how these prompts force me to write compact and complete stories, to think about the words I’m using far more than a longer piece does, and to find one or two new plot ideas every week. Some of them I’m desperate to turn into longer stories, some of the characters I feel could become much brighter in a bigger space. When I have time to write something longer, I’ll definitely come back to some of these shorts.

But time is the issue – now and in the long-term. The reason I’ve been slacking in the last few weeks is that first I was in England visiting family and then, two days after I returned, we got given notice on our house. So we’ve been lost in the throes of finding and (hopefully) purchasing a new house. Well, getting on forĀ 100 years old, but new to us. Very exciting, but a little scary and incredibly time-consuming just right now!

And then there’s the small issue of the forth-coming miniP, which obviously takes up a fair bit of time and energy in preparing too.

Fingers crossed by the end of October, we’ll have a whole new life (and no doubt a lot of new distractions from writing), but if I neglect you all a bit over the next few weeks, please forgive me! And thanks for bearing with Elmowrites.


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