Voice Week #1

Thanks to our friends at BeKindRewrite, I’m signed up to a project this week called VoiceWeek. The idea is to take a single story and depict it in 5 distinct and contrasting voices. If you’re interested in joining in, there’s still time – just click on the link above and check out what to do.

For me, it was an opportunity to explore a short story I wrote a few weeks ago with the Friday Fictioneers, called A Mother’s Legacy. It was a story with so many strands to it and so many potential explanations and avenues, that I wanted to explore them some more. And although it only had two characters, I thought there were five points of view that could be picked up from it.

Today’s post is a repeat of that Friday’s story, but I hope you’ll stop by each day this week for another angle. Each day, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the drafting, the voices and the story itself. And if you do join in the project, leave a link to your own stories so I can stop by and see what you’ve done with this fascinating challenge.

Mother’s Legacy

She knew the path so much better than I, yet I was leading. She had guided me all my life, but now I was ahead.

She was staring into the trees, and I noticed what had caught her attention – a spider’s web, vividly picked out of the darkness by the crystal moonlight. And in the very centre, a tight ball of inhabitants, ready to hatch.

“She’s given them everything,” she said, unable to look away. “Will it be enough, my children?”

I tucked an arm underneath hers, blinking away tears, “Of course, Mum. Let’s get you to the shore now.”


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21 responses to “Voice Week #1

  1. John Hardy Bell

    Love the idea Jen! I’ll definitely be checking in

  2. This was one of my favorite contributions for the photo prompt. I look forward to reading the other ‘voices’!

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  4. Those first two lines are heartbreaking! Give this piece perspective and voice right away. I’m looking forward to the next piece!

  5. I love seeing all the varied interpretations of the challenge. I’m still not sure if I captured the voices in my pieces…guess we will see by the end of the week.

  6. KP

    Curious. Who or what is our protagonist?

  7. I love the imagery. It makes me feel just a little touch of sorrow mixed with a little something sweet.

    • Thanks Billie Jo, that’s exactly how I was feeling when I first wrote this. Although you’ll see from some of the other voices that alternative explanations are possible!

  8. I remember this story from Friday Fictioneers and I’m looking forward to the other voices as the week progresses.
    Wish I’d though of using one of my FF stories.

    • thanks, Mike. I’m over to yours next. I used this one because it was something I really wanted to explore a lot furhter than I had chance to in FF, but not necessarily in the format of just making it a longer story. Voice Week seemed like the perfect answer.

  9. I remember loving your first version of this story. This time it doesn’t seem to have the power it did initially but that may be because I know the story. Still, that ending is powerful!

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