Friday Fiction – The Rebellion

It’s Friday, so there’s a prompt from Madison Woods and a picture courtesy of Raina Ng. What caught my eye in this picture probably isn’t what caught everyone else’s eye – I hope you like it and I’d love to see your feedback.

If you’re looking for the last part of Voice Week it’s here on the previous post. And if you’re not looking for Voice Week, you should be – do have a look back over the past few days for a fascinating project I’ve been enjoying!

The Rebellion

The X-wing soared around the red planet. The Deathstar loomed in the distance, menacing and almost complete.

“He’s on my tail, Red Two, I can’t shake him!” The pilot pulled into a sharp dive, but the Tie Fighter mirrored every move.

“Roger that, Red Leader. Hang in there, buddy.” Luke lifted his own X-wing into a steep ascent.

Beep Beep Beep

“He’s locked onto me, Red Two!”

Luke pulled on a lever to manoeuvre into position, then closed his eyes and let the force guide his trigger. “Ready, R2?”

“Max! Get down off that table! Didn’t you hear the microwave?”


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45 responses to “Friday Fiction – The Rebellion

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  2. Aw, sweet! I really liked the microwave beeps translated into the child’s play. May the force be with you. 😉

    We’re here:

  3. Dear Jen,

    Shades of your future? Or has the Empire already landed in your kitchen. This was a lovely contrast to all the darkness this evocative prompt has elicited from the FF gang. (On a technical note, it is rare that a pilot will ‘pull’ into a dive. Usually they roll in or drop down into one, both maneuvers resulting in negative G’s wheras ‘pulling’ result in positive G’s. Says so right here in my Tie fighter Operations Manual:)



    • Hi Doug,

      My future? Yes probably. Although Max is named after the boy I already have to occasionally chase off tables – my cat! I just couldn’t resist those planet-like lampshades any more than the little boy could!
      Thanks for the technical note. I’m going to pretend that I, of course, knew that, and it’s just the little boy’s POV which lacks technical precision. Not a mistake at all. Honest, governor! 😛


  4. heeheeheehee. Love the sly humor in this peice. It’s very Calvin and Hobbesish.

  5. You had me there. I thought this was real and I was carried along unitl Max’ mother had to spoil it all. Good show. 🙂

  6. Oh sweet! Wasn’t expecting that end at all. I could just see the little boy with a fighter jet in either hand, ducking and weaving with them. Very imaginative – full marks for a different take on the prompt.

  7. Oh, what a twist ending! It reminds me of the old comic strip Calvin and Hobbes where little Calvin was always immersed in his fantasy life. And it makes me smile. Great story!

  8. Hi Jen… Naughty kids? Or just mosquitoes at play?
    Good work! Quite different!

  9. Nice twist, but I really want to see how the Mom handles that Death Star! How about a sequel? Thanks, Elmo!

  10. A great picture of a little boy playing. Nice work!
    Here is mine

  11. John Hardy Bell

    Star Wars Jen? Really? Guess what you accomplished with this story? You.Just.Made.My.Day. 🙂

    Loved it!

  12. Hi Jernnifer,
    Ingenious of you to tie the photo to a Star Wars story. All the way through, I was wondering how you were going to relate the story to the photo, but in the last line, you did it brilliantly! Ron

  13. Russell

    For some reason, I anticipated a child playing in the kitchen. Maybe because I did so much of it myself as a youth – and now my grandchildren run screaming through the house as Superheroes.
    Glad you still saw the humor in my piece. Corn cobs served as a replacement for paper in many outdoor toliets in the 1880’s and early part of the twentieth century. Coating them will oil from super-hot chinese peppers would, well . . . you know.

    • Well, no twist for you Russell, but I hope it worked for you as a reminder of fun times. And corn cobs already sound like an uncomfortable form of toilet paper, even before the application of hot peppers!

  14. i was waiting to see how it was going to get to the kitchen. and it did. well done.

  15. Delightful! As the mother of three imaginative boys (now grown) I remember the lampshades and towels tied around the neck to make them super heroes.

  16. Beautifully done. But then, I would expect no less from you. I had (have) two sons who unfortunately grew up at the dawn of video games so I don’t remember them playing like this, using their imaginations. What a shame. I would have loved to see how their mother would have reacted with them standing on the table or counter tops!

    • Ooh, Paul, you’ve got a wicked side. Their poor mother probably had enough to worry about without your sons climbing on the table! Glad it worked for you though – maybe more your own childhood than theirs?!

  17. I loved the ending. So adorable. You must have kids.

  18. Ha, as an avid Star Wars fan I can appreciate this completely. Loved the abrupt shift at the end.

  19. Great tension and imagery, then sweetness at the end. Nicely done!

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  21. Star Wars fan fiction. You’ve my day!

  22. Get us all wrapped up in sci-fi then bring us back down to earth – in the kitchen,no less. Well done

  23. That’s sweet – reminded me of my childhood!! 😀

  24. Clever, exciting, entertaining.
    Great stuff.

  25. a child’s imagination could be quite exciting, nice story

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