Friday Fiction #50 – How Time Flies

According to my records, this is my fiftieth foray into the Friday Fictioneers. My records may be wrong, but I’m going with them and celebrating anyway. It’s also NaNoWriMo, so I’ve sneakily written this on Wednesday in advance, although it’ll post automatically on Friday morning, because I’m picky like that!

Rochelle is now our leader, and this photo comes from Ted. Thanks to both for the inspiration. As ever, critique and comments are the food that fuels this writer; please leave them below.

How Time Flies

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” my old man used to say; “Toys fly then you’re having fun,” is my catchphrase. I guess it’s a bad pun, so bad most people don’t even get it. They just stare when I shout it at fairs.

They buy the toys, though, and that’s all I really care about. One in every household in America. That’s my dream. Of course, sometimes they buy more than one, but one is all I need. One little, flying bug toy in every house on every street of every state.

That’s when the fun will really start.


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38 responses to “Friday Fiction #50 – How Time Flies

  1. Ooh, that’ll make you think twice before buying something from a carnival. Definitely want to know what he has in mind.

    Here’s mine:

  2. That’s a cooler and more modernized version of the big brother of 1984. Nice piece!

  3. I had a story in mind that involved the flying toys and little green men. I enjoyed yours – light, funny, and sinister all at once. Mine is here:

  4. Nicely menacing. Good one.

  5. Russell

    Not only are you infesting the world, you’re getting paid too. It doesn’t get any better than that. Well done, Jen. And congrats on your 50th FFF. I’m somewhere around that same number, but math is not one of my stronger skills.

    • Nothing too voodoo about the maths, Russell – I store my FF in a word document, one story per page and it’s just hit 50 pages, so unless there’s anything missing… *highfive* to my 50-ish buddy!

  6. Oooh, I like it! Loved the narrator’s voice, too.

  7. Oh, wonderful twist… Though my suspicion that something sinister was under ways grew while I read it. Great job. And 50 stories that’s marvelous.

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Congrats on your 50th story. Quite an accomplishment. So was this week’s story, with it’s powerful twist. Hope your next 50 are even more fun. I mistyped my link in the list. Here’s the real deal: Ron

  9. Hmmm. I haven’t counted how many stories I’ve written for FF since April. Congrats on 50. I love milestones.
    Your little tale is intriguing. I makes me wonder about the flying toys. Reads a bit like a Ray Bradbury story.

  10. Dear Jennifer,

    Congratulations on your 50th FF submission. Is your MC going to take over the world? He’s going to have to hawk toys at a lot of carnivals. Still, it’s nice to dream. Are you… you know, a mom yet? Can’t wait.



  11. Very nice twist, loved it!

  12. ut oh, the master plan is being implemented. A bot net, but what will they do?

  13. 50? i doubt i’ve done half that. hey, this line in the beginning – “Toys fly then you’re having fun.” should that be “then” or “when”? i guess either works, but for some reason my ear wants “when.” but i don’t want to be around “when” every house has one of those bugs. not me.

  14. yup. only 21. and not possible to catch up. unless…

  15. Ooooh. Your story has an eerie Stephen King feeling to it. Needful Things, maybe? I have the feeling bad things are coming. Very bad things. I really liked your voice. Congratulations on finishing 50 FF.

  16. Congrats on 50. I print my stories (with photo) and file them away in a manila folder. I’m on my 2nd folder. Will count them eventually but surmise around 35. If every household has a flying toy, it will need to have a special magic bec. if you ever bought a toy at a flea mkt. or carnival, you know they break after a day or two.

  17. Interesting. Is the reason he wants one in every house because of the “sales”? Or is it because each one carries something sinister? Very interesting.

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