Friday Fiction – Choices

After 50 posts to the Friday Fictioneers, I did wonder if I should find a new writing challenge, move on. But I’ve come to enjoy my weekly forays into the FF world, I value the friendships and feedback of the group and I enjoy reading the stories – so why mess with a winning formula? Besides, Sebastian is providing me with plenty of new challenges right now, so an old challenge makes a welcome change!

Life is settling into a new kind of normal with my little boy up front and centre in the new world order, but I’m hoping he allows me to continue the writing commitments I’ve enjoyed so much over the last few years. Right now, my muse seems to be suffering a bit under the weight of insufficient sleep and lots of distractions, so please be gentle with this week’s piece, but as ever I welcome your feedback, good and bad.

Here’s the photo, courtesy of Joyce Johnson. You can see the other responses linked from Rochelle’s page.


It wasn’t at all like she’d expected. There was no bright light, no beckoning figures; just two doors and apparently a free decision which to enter.

Each door was marked with a bronze face. One was serene and placid: its features unmarked by emotion. The other was twisted into a laugh or a grimace; she couldn’t tell which.  Either way, it was ugly. The other was more … angelic.

But her eyes kept coming back to the twisted visage. Even if it was a grimace, was that really worse than a world without emotion?

She paused, then pushed the door.


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26 responses to “Friday Fiction – Choices

  1. Welcome back, Mum. Is Sebastian your first?
    I liked your version of “The Lady or the Tiger.” Very nicely done. No need to apologize. Good to read your voice again, Jen.

  2. As I suspected, your writing hasn’t suffered at all, although I hope we have a bit more direction in the afterlife!! Welcome back and congratulations. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. You obviously have a lot for which to be thankful. Hope you can get caught up on sleep a bit if your husband’s around for the holiday weekend.

  3. I loved your story. I agree, what is worse than a world without emotion. Well, unbearable pain, but that is a risk one must take. 🙂

  4. Not lost any of your style I see! 🙂 Welcome back, congratulations, a lovely piece of work (both the writing and your recent blessing). x

  5. She pushed the right door to her new life.

    Enjoy yours!

  6. I like it! Congrats as well.

  7. Like it, and congratiolations to your new life.

  8. i’ll take a painful grimace over a world without emotion. well done, miss.

  9. this reminds me of a Far Side cartoon where the Devil is talking to a man in front of two doors. One is marked Damned if You Do, the other Damned if You Don’t, and the Devil says, “Hurry up, make up your mind, we’ve haven’t got all day.”

  10. Glad you decided to keep going! This is a thinker, which I liked — I just really hope the character’s not misreading the faces.

  11. Dear Jen,

    Welcome back to the fold. You’ve lost nothing of your prowess. By the way, Russell’s comment is perfect.



  12. Hi Jen,
    Just like Let’s Make a Deal. I’ve heard that for every door you open, a window closes. Can’t top Russell’s comment. He got his foot in the door first. Ron

  13. Uh oh. Hope she made the right decision.

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