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Inspiration Monday – The meeting of legends

Once again, today’s post comes courtesy of the prompts at http://bekindrewrite.com/  My mind is whirring with the idea of what would happen if Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood got together and decided to make the forest a happier place. Maybe I should have written that story, but instead, I wrote this one.

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The Meeting of Legends

My mother taught me that our family was descended from Alexander the Great, that his name had passed down the generations; that I should strive to be a great and powerful leader just as he had been. I’m ashamed to admit how old I was when I realised that if my genes had come from such a legendary man, Mum’s hadn’t. Before she was married, Mum was not an Alexander but a Donaldson.

Which would have been a disappointment, had it not been for her mother’s story. She, before she was married, had been a MacDonald: a member of the great clan, whose epic massacre at Glen Coe, at the hands of the dastardly Campbells, runs through the annals of Scottish history.

And so, here I am. The meeting point of two legends. One, a great and heroic leader from Ancient Greece, the champion military general after whom great cities were named; the other, a powerful and resilient Scottish tribe whose influence persisted in spite of a terrible massacre by their honoured and trusted guests upon the orders of an English King. I am both tyrant and rebel, oppressor and oppressed. It is in my blood.

I know, of course, that there is little truth in either claim to lineage. The use of surnames post-dates Ancient Greece by centuries; the massacred MacIans were just a tiny part of the MacDonald clan, and even of them, only 38 were killed. But if genetics didn’t make me who I am today, I will still claim that the stories did.

As a child in a playground, I stood up to the unfairly tall Campbell Whittaker when I offered him a sweet and he tried to take the bag, because it was time the MacDonalds got their own back. And I conquered my own Persia the day I accidentally went out to wet play in my indoor shoes. Mrs Bellamy told me to work out a way to get indoors without dirtying them, and I did, because my great-great-great-etc- Grandaddy was Alexander The Great.

I am the place where two legends meet. I am just a man, but one day, I will be a legend in my own right.


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