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Friday Fictioneers – Huis Clos

So, I went to Rochelle’s website this morning to find the prompt and discovered this:ted-fashion-statement

“Right,” I thought. “This is going to be interesting.”

Then I scrolled down and discovered a second picture, this time courtesy of Rich Voza. Makes for a different story, I can assure you. So, with apologies to Ted, and to Rich…corridor

Huis Clos

“Surprise,” the text began, “We’re in the lobby, coming up.”

I opened the door to my room, looking for an escape. A long corridor greeted me, filled with useless doors, and the elevator menacing at the end.

They say “You only see what you want to see” but I can assure you of this: On that September night, in a Paris hotel, I did not want to see my wife and kids, and they did not want to see me, dressed like that, or what lay within the room I had booked for the latest “conference”.

The elevator pinged.



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