Friday Fictioneers – Watching the World

It’s Friday again (how does that keep happening? Any minute, it’ll be Christmas!) and time for another piece of fiction. A little snippet for you this week, with two characters I feel I would like to work with. The photo is from Doug MacIlroy, the other responses can be found on Rochelle’s website. Do pay both of them a visit – you won’t be disappointed.


Watching the World

Grandpa was always making things. That morning, I arrived to find a papier-mache ball drying in a bucket.

“What’s that? The world in a bucket?”

“You know I can’t tell you,” he smiled, “Or I’d have to kill you!”

I checked facebook while I watched him work. Lois messaged me: “Whatcha doin?”

Mom said Grandpa was “two cakes short of a picnic,” and in town, they called him “Crazy Doug”. I couldn’t tell Lois where I was or how much I enjoyed being there. Instead I looked at the globe wrapped in chicken wire and replied, “Just watching the world.”


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35 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Watching the World

  1. Jen,
    What a cute story about loving someone who is different. That girl sounds like a sweetheart. Even if grandpa is a couple french fries short of a happy meal she enjoys her time with him and she wouldn’t say a bad thing about him. She sounds like a future writer to me…


  2. Loving story of love that sees the heart rather than extraneous things. Your last line was perfect.

  3. A nice gentle piece, Jennifer. Lovely.

  4. I call him Disco Go Doug this week. And I think he’s pretty cool. He’s playing Santa this week. You Gotta Believe!

  5. Just watching the world Love it! I’m sure he liked her being there.

  6. Dear Jen,
    Delightful story from beginning to end! I had a Lois in my story as well.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh you are SNEAKY!!! Way to go!!!! Great job!

  8. Hi Jen,
    Maybe Gramps is crazy like a fox. A sweet inter-generatonal story! Ron

  9. Lovely story, the crazy people of the world carry wisdom. 🙂

  10. “Two cakes short of a picnic” I loved that! Great story!

  11. The ending is beautiful. Sums up everything nicely.

  12. and nobody can say it’s *not* the world. or at least *a* world. somewhere. well done.

  13. Dear Jen,

    Crazy Doug? Hmmmm. Crazy about your writing? Put a check in that box. Most youngsters are free of the learned aversion to eccentricity until ‘adults’ in their orbit drag them kicking and screaming into the ‘real’ world. I love that your MC was blissful and content to be and to see. World could all do with more like her.

    • Aww, thanks, Doug. Obviously any resemblance to persons alive or dead is entirely accidental etc etc. I agree about the young protagonist, she’s a nice girl without the judgemental attitude of the town.

  14. Hi Jen
    Loved the tone of this. Also the dilemma of the protagonist still too immature to be strong about her choices to her friends. Thanks.

  15. Absolutely charming! See? I’m even later, but you know, it’s like a birthday present the day after the party. 😉

  16. Gentle tone with a bit of family humor. I Enjoyed!


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