Friday Fictioneers – 708 Fulton

Another story for the Fictioneers, thanks to Rochelle’s prompt. I’ll keep this quick; I hear Sebastian stirring!


708 Fulton

He was staring so hard, he thought the glass might crack. It was there, just like yesterday, just like every day since he’d started coming to this cafe: a stained glass window depicting sunshine and a steaming mug of the black stuff.

But today, there were words: 708 Fulton. An address, perhaps? Or an army squadron? An old-fashioned English telephone number? He couldn’t escape the feeling that it was put there for him to see.

He sipped at his coffee and stared. Then an idea formed in his head. He put down the mug and walked out into the sunshine.


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37 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – 708 Fulton

  1. Sarah Ann

    I love your suggestions for what 708 Fulton might stand for. And I want to know more about the idea he’s following up. Well done.

  2. What’s his issue with the glass? And what idea struck him?
    Nice description of the inner workings of an endlessly thinking mind.

  3. I am thinking decaf for this guy…


  4. The jolt of morning joe got his brain working, I see. I’m intrigued by what will come next. (And don’t they always stir just when you’re getting something done or getting ready to do so?) As for the sudden appearance of the numbers, if it were Bill, I’d be sure they’d been there all along and he just noticed them today. 🙂

    Hope your Christmas was wonder-filled and that your new year will be marvelous.

  5. This is a great little mystery. I’m not sure how you’ve done this but you’ve left me wanting to know more but equally happy with what I got (like knowing more would spoil it in some way). Very clever.

  6. Hi Jenn,
    Signs, signs, everywhere signs. Must follow the omens. Good opening of what would be a good story to read. Ron

  7. Dear Jenn,
    I’m a bit mystified by this one. Was it that he just noticed the numbers? Or did they really just appear? I agree with Tom. Decaf from now on and Vitamin D from the sunshine. I really want to know what happens next. This feels like the beginning of something.
    Thanks for your kind comments on mine,

    • Mystified could be good or bad, Rochelle. I hope you weren’t frustratingly stumped by it! Feels like the start of something to me too – maybe I’ll write it one day

      • I will admit to being a little stumped. I think it was the sudden appearance of the numbers. I meant it when I said I want to know what happens next. I’ll echo Doug. Finish the story please.

  8. A little spooky perhaps. Whet my appetite for more.

  9. it’s a revelation when one learns just who controls whom. well done.

  10. Certainly different – and I like different.

  11. Dear Jen,

    Only your excellent writing excuses you from proffering such an open ended story this week. Your MC sounds like a character out of Memento. Now, go back to the keyboard and finish the story, please.

    Thanks for your fine comments re my stories.

    Happy New Year.



  12. That’s a great hook for starting something bigger, nice work.

  13. like the mystery in this. makes me want more

  14. ooh yes, at first read confusing, and then a little frustrating and then positively intriguing. What is happening here…?

  15. Hi Jenn
    I seem to be in the minority here, but I loved this just as it is. It leads me, (as well as your protagonist), out into the sunshine of limitless possibilities! A longer, more ‘resolved’ tale will diminish those quantum options.

  16. How can you do this? Leave me hanging on your story. I loved the idea of the letters and numbers suddenly appearing… and in stained glass, no less! Spooky!

  17. this one needs completion. I’m very intrigued. great post.

  18. I would love to read more. To learn more about this character!

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