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Inspiration Monday – This is How it Starts

I’m a bit late today – visitors just left and I got distracted by life! But it’s still Thursday, so here’s my response to this week’s prompts. It’s a first draft, so I’ll be particularly grateful for your feedback.

This is how it starts

I know myself well enough. He’s got dazzling blue eyes, and a smile that lights a fire inside me. His accent is clearly an affectation, to make him seem less rich and intimidating, more approachable. And I know that, just as everyone around him knows it, but like the rest, I let him get away with it. I tease him instead, about something harmless – the colour of his tie – to show that I’m relaxed in his company, and he laughs to prove he knows I’m not.

This is how it starts. This is how it always starts.

It will end very differently, of course. The eyes will be steel blue then, and his smile will burn. His affectations will annoy, and my comments about what he wears will be bitingly sharp, or at least perceived that way. The deceptions will be more numerous and more brutal; the honesty too.

But for now, it is just beginning. He turns that smile on me and I grin back. He takes my hand and a little part of me melts into him. I know how it always ends, but I wonder if this time will be different, an end just like the beginning.holding_hands


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