Inspiration Monday – Name From A Hat

Here’s my story for Inspiration Monday – others will be posted on the host site on monday. This one is just a little scene – I found the prompt challenging and making time to write something even more so this week, so it’s not a story in itself I’m afraid.

Selection Process

The Head was droning on about playground games. Sarah nudged Gavin and whispered, “So, what are you doing for Valentine’s?”

“Just chocolates and a card,” Gavin replied. “Flowers are such a rip off in February.”

“Last of the great romantics. But I meant for them.” She gestured to the rows of heads in front of them. A few were whispering and fidgeting but she let it go for now.

“Oh. Names from a hat, I guess. Bit like Secret Santa.”

“Better than car keys in a bowl, I suppose.”

“Or spin the bottle!” Gavin laughed. “Actually, that’s how I met Alice. Did I ever tell you? Never did get the stains out of the carpet – my Mum thought it was blood!”


“Ketchup. It was fine until the lid fell off!”

Sarah noticed two of her class pushing each other. She tapped the closer of the two on the knee with her foot and shook her head when they looked up. They looked a little sheepish and stopped. “I thought you were supposed to use a bottle of wine.”

“Probably, but our parties … shhh.” Gavin smiled at the Head who was now glaring at him. Sarah leant down and pulled on the blazer of one of the boys who had been pushing, although in truth he’d stopped after her foot tap. It got her out of eyeballing the Head anyway.



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4 responses to “Inspiration Monday – Name From A Hat

  1. I like it! A cool little glimpse of a story. Love the teachers talking when they shouldn’t. : )
    Sorry I missed you before – I’m not sure why. Your comment from today did show up in my approval queue, but I didn’t see anything before that. Weird.

    • Hi Stephanie, no problem about missing me. I don’t envy you the task of corralling us all! Glad you liked my teachers. I find the whole class-valentine thing a bit weird, so I thought it would make a cute scene.

  2. I quite liked this. It had a quiet, “slice of life” quality to it that worked really well. 🙂

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