Friday Fiction – The Perfect Gift

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. This week I’m posting my FF story early, just to see what difference it makes to my reading stats and to my own ability to read other people’s stories! Prompt courtesy of Rochelle and taken by Beth Carter – thanks ladies!

No edits this week – the story came to me complete, and the first draft was 102 words, so all I did was take out a couple 😉


The Perfect Gift

“So, I found the perfect car for Sarah to buy her boy when he turns 17.”

“Oh yeah? I thought she hated the idea of him driving?”

“She does. But he’s got his heart set on a car for his birthday, and you know she won’t deny him what he wants.”

“Well then, tell me about this car.”

“It’s perfect. Leather seats, fibreglass body … it’s stick shift, but that’s a useful skill to have these days.”



“Yeah, what’s the engine like? How many cylinders?”

“You gotta be kidding me. Sarah wouldn’t buy him anything with an engine!”


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59 responses to “Friday Fiction – The Perfect Gift

  1. 🙂 Couldn’t you sleep Jen? Nicely done, made me grin.

    • haha, I just saw the picture on Rochelle’s post. My first thought was “what on earth am I going to write?” and then it came to me and once I’d written it down I thought I might as well post early for once. Still didn’t beat you though!!

  2. kz

    exaaactly what my mom wants for me hahaha

  3. The perfect car for parenting. Once I got older my ma used to ask me if I wanted to borrow the car, and if I said no, she knew I intended to drink 🙂

  4. That’s the right kind of car for my gals!

  5. Perfect last line. I can see a 17-year-old sitting in the car in the driveway, making vroom-vroom noises. 🙂

  6. I could see Bill doing this. As for beating Sandra, it’s tough to beat those overseas Fictioneers. 🙂 This one didn’t need re-writes.


  7. Dear Jen,

    Perfect story about a less than perfect car. I love how your stories spring full blown into your mind and leap onto the paper. may I please borrow a cup of that?



  8. Hahahahaha! Very funny, though Sarah’s boy may be inclined to disagree.

  9. Hahahah… Well done. Sarah’s one savvy woman… 😉

  10. Dear Jen,
    Too bad I didn’t think of this when my boys were first driving. Maybe our insurance wouldn’t have been so high. ;). Very clever. Welcome to the Wednesday side of Friday Fictioneers. Very clever. Great job!

    • I suspect it’s a good thing for your relationship with them that you didn’t, Rochelle, if not your blood pressure or bank balance! I’m gloriously tempted by this Wednesday milarky – check out all those comments already!

  11. “Engine? What engine?” Heh Heh.
    I tried to hold off on submitting mine until Friday (heck, I’m even ten hours ahead), but I just couldn’t do it. The story was sitting there, telling me, “Link me! Link me!” and it looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. Just couldn’t say no. 🙂

  12. i don’t think i’ve ever seen you post this early. must have really clicked something. i like how it ended with sort of a “are you nuts?” moment.

    fibREglass. not fibERglass?

    • I know, I’m coming over to the idea though, Rich! I suspect the RE / ER discussion is a US/UK thing. The internet seems to use them interchangeably, so I imagine it’s like Metre etc. Given I’ve used “stick-shift” I guess this is an American story, though, so I should probably change it.

  13. Perhaps the young man will realize he needs to be very specific in his requests. While most expect an engine, his mother is not like most i suppose. Interesting little detail she chose to ignore.

  14. It might not even have wheels that roll. Good job .

  15. I laughed out loud at the ending. Nicely done 🙂

  16. This is great! It reminds me of a joke I have with my kids, who have learned to roll their eyes when I tell them they aren’t allowed to date till they’re thirty-five. Now I know which car to let them borrow… 😉

  17. being the mother of a seventeen year old boy, I sooo agree. Cute story.
    ps: my boy does drive a stick shift.

  18. t

    Loved it – very cute!

  19. Lol..perfect. I remember when my son started driving. I bought him 4 cylinders 5 speed Ford Ranger that was as old as he was, it could barely make it up the hill, so yes, I can relate to this story and I love it!

  20. Made me LOL, good one! 😉

  21. That was simply charming. The dialogue was perfect and the story made me laugh. Thanks.

  22. So funny! Very nicely done.

  23. perfect car to expand the imagination…all teen drivers spend a year pretending to be mature drivers. ha! love your story!

  24. Michael Fishman

    Practical problem solving in action! Thank you for the smile this morning 🙂

  25. Sarah Ann

    LOL. Fantastic last line, and the build up was great.

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