Friday Fiction – Washed Up

This week’s Friday fictioneers picture comes from Janet Webb. As usual, our cruise is piloted by Rochelle.

Next week, I won’t be able to respond to the Friday Fictioneers prompt, but those who enjoy my writing will find a second story prompted by this week’s photo. I hope you’ll nip back to read it.

wasp-nestWashed Up

Washed up. That’s what he’d called them. Washed up.

Not shiny and clean. But like a body on a beach: the flotsam of life. That’s what her husband, Tom, had meant when she told him her plans. It’s too late to travel the world, Janine. We’re washed up.

Janine squeezed sand between her toes and watched the sun setting far out to sea. She took a sip on her pina colada and smiled.

If she was washed up, she was a pebble. Yes, buffeted by the waves, and the sand, and the journey, but only to make her more beautiful.


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47 responses to “Friday Fiction – Washed Up

  1. It’s Friday in Canada, eh? I’m glad it is because I very much enjoyed your story. Good for Janine and I hope she enjoys herself. I’m guessing Tom isn’t along. Enjoy whatever you’re doing next week.


  2. This was beautiful. I love the imagery of life tossing her about, polishing her like a pebble. Great job this week. Everything flowed so well and it was definitely a complete story.

  3. Dear Jen,
    Sounds like Tom’s missing out. Good for Janine. Nice use of metaphor.

  4. So, what did Janine do to Tom? And What are you doing next week?

  5. Good determination here for Janine to push on past Tom’s downer comments. Your last paragraph sums up her attitude beautifully — great writing there.

  6. Dear Jen,

    A good one and close to my heart. i am that pebble.



  7. Janine seems to be an optimist. I can understand her wanting to believe there is more to come for her.

  8. enjoyed this.. especially the part if she was washed up she was a pebble 🙂

  9. Great imagery Jen. A lovely story.

  10. I like this story a lot. I can understand exactly where Janine is coming from. We are never washed up. We are merely a work in progress. Good story.

  11. This was a lovely story, with an attitude to aging we could all do with embracing!

  12. Mystikel

    Just wanted to say good story. And I really like that she didn’t kill him and head to an island with the insurance money. Good for her!

  13. I’m glad to hear the protagonist didn’t feel she was washed up; instead found herself beautiful. You’re never washed up until you agree to the idea. A good tale.

  14. I’m thinking he’s going to feel washed out to sea


  15. I wondered whether he meant ‘we’re washed up’ as ‘our relationship is washed up’ or ‘we’re not fit/rich enough’. Whatever, it sounds like he needs a good dose of positivity or a spell on his own. Nice one Jen.

  16. Well, I guess she showed him. Sounds like the moral of this story is – never tell a woman what she can’t do.

  17. “only to make her more beautiful” – i love this. I hope I remember it on my washed up days 🙂

  18. kdillmanjones

    “the flotsam of life” – that’s a great line!

  19. I love that last line! What a wonderful way to look at life’s journey. Great story 🙂

  20. Beautiful story. Never to late to change.

  21. Lovely! I will remember to come read the next instalment!

  22. That’s right GF, don’t let no man tell you that you are washed up. Pffft!

  23. We’re only as washed up as we let ourselves be, right? I like this image; a person being like a pebble that takes a lifetime to polish.

  24. Sarah Ann

    I really like this – good on Janine.

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  27. Delicious wordplay with a hint of revenge

  28. jellico84

    Wonderfully little tale, beautifully told.

  29. Great scene, I can picture her sitting on the beach smiling!

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