Grammar Quiz

A few of you have linked me to various news items from the UK about the new schooling attitude to grammar – thank you and hurray! I hope it might mean we’re raising a generation a little more aware of the joys and pitfalls of our glorious language.

For all those not blessed to live in the Green and Pleasant Land or who just haven’t come acrsso it, here’s a little quiz for you to test yourselves. Enjoy!

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I only got 9/10. Although on the one I got wrong, I did think there was a mistake in the question. Clearly, I should have been paying more attention to my gut instinct and read it again!


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6 responses to “Grammar Quiz

  1. I think I arrived late! I couln’t see any quiz!Maybe better for my self-confidence!!!!

  2. Lyn

    Nine out of ten. The question I answered incorrectly was the one about the brothers and sisters 🙂 If that was the same one for you, I agree – there was something wrong with the question.

    • I think actually the question is right, having seen the answer – it’s an unusual way of showing it, but if you accept the grammar in the question, then their answer is correct. Ah well, who wants to be perfect, eh?

  3. Sarah Ann

    Thanks for this Jen. 9/10 for me, although two were by rejecting the wrong answers rather than knowing the correct one. And I got Hilary wrong – maybe because people don’t actually speak like that?

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