A World Of… continued

Apparently, the boys haven’t quite finished their argument…

“Anyway, it’s not an elegra… whatever you said,” Matty continued. “If you put the words together, you get el…gi…ti…zeli … elgitizeli!”

I was inclined to agree, but Luke is clever. And a perfectionist. If he’d picked a name for the creature he’d drawn, he’d have his reasons.

“No it wouldn’t, stupid.”

“Don’t call your brother stupid,” I said automatically, feeling stupid too.

“Those are all the head ends of the words,” Luke continued. “It’s got the middle of a tiger, so it needs the middle of the word. El…ra…ge…br…on.” He spelled it out slowly.

“Explain it to me like you’re talking to a four year old,” the guy in Philadelphia says. If he’d met my youngest, he’d have said “Explain it to me like you’re a six year old”.


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8 responses to “A World Of… continued

  1. Lyn

    I’m so glad you continued this on. That’s an excellent explanation of the reason for the name Luke chose. What a clever lad. He’s going to make a great writer one day. He’s already got the beginning, the middle and the end down pat 😉

    • Normally I’m very particular about the 100 word limit, so the initial story does stand alone, but it kept buzzing around my head all day, so I thought I’d put this bit up online too.

  2. 🙂 Love the continuation of the argument. It really rounds out the story!

  3. I thought you were short on time… now you are milking this photo into 2 stories!

  4. A great continuance with explanation. What a great imagination these boys have.

  5. Sarah Ann

    Loved both of these. I’m with Matty – elgitizeli is much easier to say. Head ends make more sense (to me anyway).

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