Friday Fiction – A World Of…

Short on time this week, so I’ll just say thanks to Rochelle and EL Appleby for hosting and providing the picture respectively. As regular readers will know, feedback is always welcome, and as long-term followers may notice, these boys have been around before.

ADDENDUM: If you have time, there’s a bit more of this story here


A World Of…

“It’s an elragebron.”

“It’s a world of ridiculous is what it is.”

I can hear the boys arguing again. Luke’s been drawing so it’s probably about that. Matty likes to tease him when he gets home from school, and I’m worried he’s being bullied, and taking it out on his brother. My husband says it’s just what boys do.

Matty’s new phrase makes me laugh: ‘A world of’ whatever. I mustn’t, though. I must be the serious parent and discipline him for being mean. Then I catch sight of the picture. And it is … it’s a world of ridiculous.


Language note: I didn’t see the tail at first, so it was going to be an elragra. Of course, inspiration not illustration and all that, but I think the new name works too. For those who can’t work it out:

ELephant giRAffe tiGEr zeBRa liON


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31 responses to “Friday Fiction – A World Of…

  1. Dear Jen,

    As the mother of three sons, your story resonated with me. So many times I had to choke back laughter when one would say something snide but clever to the other. I’ll admit I wasn’t always successful.

    I may have to keep a list this week of how many different names are given to this whimsical creature.



  2. Luke must be the next Picasso – thinking outside the box.
    I like the interesting name you gave to the creature. Like you, I didn’t see the tail at first either.
    Lovely piece 🙂

  3. A child with viviv imagination. Lovely!

  4. Ha! A fun and unexpected story and perspective!

  5. And therein lies a tail…a tail I didn’t even notice. Ahh, well. You gave us a heart-warming story that’s very realistic. As Rochelle said, there were many times I had to hold back laughs or snickers.


    • If you like the boys, Janet, and if you have time amongst your other reading, the story is continued in the next post. Either way, thanks for your support.

  6. I didnt see the lion tale until now so my poor animal is misnamed 🙂
    gotta love children and their imaginations (they grow up and became writers and such)

  7. Lyn

    Another delightful tale for our poor malformed misnomerosity 🙂

  8. You brat! I was going to do something like that with the name. Glad I saw this first. Of course, by story wouldn’t have been as clever (or relevant) as yours. I didn’t see the tail either. Lion?

  9. Like the name and the tale (tail?) Well-done!

  10. “A world of ridiculous” indeed! I like your parental take on kids being silly and trying to be a good role model. Cool name, too — it’s been fun reading the names the writers have come up with for this crazy animal!

  11. Great story – and another new name for my crazy creature! I’m really enjoying this week’s stories.
    this one captured childhood bickering perfectly – along with the much more difficult task of knowing when to intervene as a parent. You should see my two on a bad day!
    Great stuff 🙂

    • I just have one child, and he’s too young to bicker, but I guess I’ve got enough memories of my own childhood to pull off sibling arguments! Thanks for your comment and for the photo, EL

  12. This story is a world of fun. Kids come up with some great things.

  13. There’s a world of inspiration to be had from listening into kids’ conversations I think. Lovely story.

  14. this creature is getting so many names. A fun story 🙂

  15. Ahhh! Refreshing story. You did great!

  16. Lovely story, very entertaining. Children have such great conversations, i just love evesdropping…

  17. I think you are the 1st person to spot the tail!
    This is a great flash and brings home all the times when parents have to wear their serious or sympathetic face no matter what the kids have done that makes us want to crack up!

  18. Very believeable. And exactly 100 words. And you saw the lion’s tail which I didn’t. 🙂

  19. Yes, I will admit to having a similar moment where I want to join in with the cleve child, but must remove myself from the temptation and be the serious one. Very real life story Jennifer.

  20. It’s hard to be the adult sometimes. Some things are just funny.

  21. petrujviljoen

    Well done!

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