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Inspiration Monday – One Click Away

To save time this week, I’m cheating with InMon’s “One click away” prompt. It reminded me of this flash I wrote a couple of years ago. I wasn’t too sure about it, but it won a lot of praise at the time and was runner up in a flash fiction competition, so maybe I just can’t judge my own writing that well. See what you think…


Not with a bang, but a tweet

There is a button which, in theory, only the President can push.

“We have declared war on Iran. Iran is nuclear equipped; all citizens are advised to prepare.”

The message hit every cell, twitter feed and newsreel in the country.

Some whitewashed windows or stockpiled water. Millions prayed. The majority panicked. Shops were raided. Protest groups demanding peace or pre-emptive strike clashed violently in the street. The streets were littered with bodies, whole streets were burning. The army was too depleted for Martial Law to have effect.

By the time the message was declared a hoax, its mission was accomplished.



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