Inspiration Monday – One Click Away

To save time this week, I’m cheating with InMon’s “One click away” prompt. It reminded me of this flash I wrote a couple of years ago. I wasn’t too sure about it, but it won a lot of praise at the time and was runner up in a flash fiction competition, so maybe I just can’t judge my own writing that well. See what you think…


Not with a bang, but a tweet

There is a button which, in theory, only the President can push.

“We have declared war on Iran. Iran is nuclear equipped; all citizens are advised to prepare.”

The message hit every cell, twitter feed and newsreel in the country.

Some whitewashed windows or stockpiled water. Millions prayed. The majority panicked. Shops were raided. Protest groups demanding peace or pre-emptive strike clashed violently in the street. The streets were littered with bodies, whole streets were burning. The army was too depleted for Martial Law to have effect.

By the time the message was declared a hoax, its mission was accomplished.



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12 responses to “Inspiration Monday – One Click Away

  1. Lyn

    Why not? Panic broke out when War of the Worlds was broadcast on radio, imagine the panic these days with twitter, FB and cell phones. Scary thought. Good writing though Elmo

  2. You know, this can happen!!
    It would be more hell than a real war sometime! :-O

    By the way, I wish you gave your feedback about my scribble Resilience, thanks

    • I read your story – there are some beautiful descriptions in there, but reading it was slightly marred by the little mistakes such as changes of tense and awkward phrasing. If you give it a careful proof-read though, I think it would really sing!
      Sorry I can’t comment on that site without signing up – I hope you read this reply

      • Thanks for your time and feedback!
        And commenting there can be done without signing up there too…I will try to keep those in mind, and sad that I don’t like to edit once I scribble something unless some one else helps. Bad! I know that, but can’t help 😦
        But thanks again for reading 🙂

  3. More can be done with the power of suggestion than the power of a bomb today. The Tweet is one of the most powerful of weapons now. Nice one, Jennifer.

  4. Fascinating idea, and not too far-fetched. It’s frightening how powerful the mob mentality can be.

    Sorry: Not sure how I missed you – I’ve updated now!

  5. whew – a media-driven society that receives its news instantly via the social network is powerfully depleted of reaction based upon reality, indeed

  6. oscarjamieson

    That first line (or title, not sure) set the scene so well; this piece really deserved the praise it got. Fantastic; really really loved it!

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