Friday Fiction – Illumination

Back to a more literal interpretation of the picture this week – or is it?! Thanks to Rochelle for being our guide and Randy Mazie for providing the entertainment on this week’s bus tour. I love feedback!



Lenny shivered under the stone angel. Bernie had said meet here at midnight, but then hadn’t shown.

Something moved among the yews. Lenny froze as it approached. He could see tiny horns growing from its head and he could hear it crunching on the bones of sinners.

Bernie’s playing a trick, he told himself. I should call him out. But his mouth couldn’t form around the words.

Suddenly, a heavenly light shone from the angel. The beast fled. Lenny ran the other way, as uncomfortable standing before God as before the Devil.

“Git off!” shouted the Pastor, waving his flashlight.


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42 responses to “Friday Fiction – Illumination

  1. I can imagine the look on Lenny’s face when her realized it was only the pastor, as human as he himself.

    Nicely done.

  2. Dear Jennifer,

    I can identify with your protagonist. Best place to be is somewhere else. Good job on this story.



  3. Dear Jen,

    “…as uncomfortable standing before God as before the Devil.” That’s an intriguing sentence and quite telling Lenny, I might add. This seems to be a an excerpt from something larger.



  4. You have made me smile!

  5. Nice one, goats and devils… and a bit of humour. Enjoyed it.

  6. Great twist, Jennifer! Loved the story.

  7. was Lenny playing with rabbits perchance?

  8. I really liked this story. I had it all pictured! Great job! 😀

  9. Lyn

    Very, very good take on the photo prompt Jen 🙂

  10. I agree that Lenny likely was long gone by this time.

  11. Dee

    Well done Jen, a great take on the prompt. I felt that I was there, watching this unfold

  12. It is such an entertainment really for this week’s prompt. You got me laughing allover. Well done.

  13. Great story Jennifer. Pastors can be scary people.

  14. Hahahaha! Very good. That’ll teach those kids not to wander around after midnight!

  15. “Crunching on the bones of sinners.”

  16. pastors have all kinds of jobs – very cute

  17. Nice job on this Jennifer. Enjoyed the switch from devil to angel. I see that several comments I made yesterday got lost, so apologies if you get this one twice. See how dedicated I am?

  18. Loved this! Suspense and humor, all in 100 words 🙂

  19. Fantastic twist at the end — a dose of humor after the sentence before it, of Lenny running and being uncomfortable before God or the devil!

  20. great job with the prompt .. 🙂 loved it

  21. Where else can you find a story about God, the devil, a goat, a pastor, Lenny, and Bernie all in 100 words? Great job!

  22. Charming and impressive – cause I had so much trouble making up a story.
    Yours is clever.

  23. Goats and Pastors with flashlights … ah.. that’s fun.

  24. Wonderful story. The line “crunching on the bones of sinners” sent a chill through me. I was wondering; was the pastor shouting at the narrator or the goat?

  25. I felt the tension and was relieved when the light arrived. That’s powerful in only 100 words!

  26. I remember the old joke about the two people near a cemetery that thought they heard the devil.

  27. Great story. Well written in every way and with a humorous twist at the end! I think I’d rather stand before the devil that God too. In fact, I know I would!

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