Friday Fiction – Him

Well, what do you know? A long time ago, I sent Rochelle two photos I thought she might like to use for the FF prompt. We had one a few months ago and I’d forgotten all about the other. But then this morning, I find people linking to my blog (thank you!) and when I go to check out their blogs – Bam! It’s my photo of a model bee at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. The bee is probably long gone, but the centre is well worth a visit if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.

Him (Genre: Romance)

When we were seven, he was my best friend: we’d hunt butterflies together and search the clover for four-leafers. But puberty drove us apart. He wasn’t my type – bigger and hairier than the boys I liked – and I didn’t think I was pretty enough to be his.

He bumbled into my life again at my parents’ golden wedding. I’d been stung by a thousand others by then and I’d given up on the whole game.

We walked in the garden and lay together among the clover, looking at the stars and talking about finding the right place to spend winter.


Field Notes:

In Canada, it appears to be much more complicated, but in England there are three kinds of stinging insect: wasps, bees and bumble bees. Wasps are nasty little monsters, who will sting you for fun. Bees (honey bees) are industrious and quiet and will only sting if attacked. Bumblebees are fantastic creatures. They are relatively uncommon, seem to love clover even though it’s much less vivid and beautiful than many other flowers and are renowned for being “scientifically unable to fly.”

Thinking about this distinction reminded me of relationships – if one has to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince, perhaps one also has to go through a few wasps and honey bees before finding an incredible and wonderful bumble bee.


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37 responses to “Friday Fiction – Him

  1. Nice picture and lovely metaphor for a relationship. Well done!

  2. Love the photo, and love how you took the prompt in a different direction.

  3. I loved this — I’d been stung by a thousand others by then — This whole story was so well done.

  4. Science loves to rain on many fantastic achievements that “can’t possibly be true”, yet there they are.

  5. beeutiful / I hope they find what’s been missing in the clover

  6. summerstommy2

    The never ending search for love. Beautifully put Jen.

  7. I loved this, Jennifer! The way you fit in the “bee words” was a great detail without feeling contrived.

  8. Great photo for the prompt and a well-written, sensitive story to go with it. Very nice.

  9. Great story, and thanks for the wonderful photo!

  10. JackieP

    As long as one is breathing, there is hope. Bumblebees are fun to watch. Great take on the photo.

  11. Nice metaphor, interesting photo. Well done.

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for that interesting and challenging photo. Getting a romantic story out of your prompt was very creative. Always interesting to see what the photographer generates from her own photo. Ron

  13. A grade A bee romance. Lovely.

  14. Dear Jennifer,
    What a clever story you wove from the photo. I enjoyed the metaphors at the end too. You done good, girl. 🙂

  15. Creative allegory for romance! And I loved the photograph, thanks for letting us all write on it. 🙂

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  17. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    Seems we were on the same page, darling — I’m glad yours was a true love story, though.

  18. Beautiful response to the prompt, and a wonderfully fun prompt to play off of – thanks for both Jennifer!

  19. Dear Jen,

    A lovely take on the prompt. You really stepped outside the box and created a masterpiece. Bravo!



  20. kz

    awww it’s very of my favorites. i love you use of metaphor.
    and thank you for the photo 🙂

  21. Big news here in Sweden last summer – a team of British entomologist had permission to catch 100 Swedish bumblebees to release them in England to restore a recently extinct type. Much debate for and against, (see here – ) but the whole thing went through successfully. The Swedish bumblebees are no doubt the ones with blue and yellow stripes. 🙂

  22. A giant make believe bumblebee that can inspire a love story! Well, what do I know?

  23. Dear Jennifer,

    Your story had a lovely feel to it, as though you were flitting from blossom to blossom and sampling their sweet nectar before landing at last at the conclusion. Loved your subtle nods to the prompt (A very nice one. Thank you) and the clever use of just the right words. Well done.



  24. Most excellent, Jen! What a terrific metaphor, too. You always excel! Bravo!

  25. Hairy boyfriends are always the best! Loved that you found a metaphor to wrap your image round. Ann

  26. pattisj

    I loved your story!

  27. Nandini Godara

    Loved it and thanks for the field notes!

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