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Friday Fiction – The Great Fictioneers

Time is unlikely to be forgiving to me again this week, so instead of a story based on the photograph, I’m going to offer you four. If you would usually enjoy mine, please do consider stopping by one of these blogs over the next few days. There are many good stories in every crop, and several others who are reliably good, but these are my current favourites. They are the mainstays of my Fictioneers reading, and I’m proud to share their stories with you.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Rochelle is our leader over at Fictioneers HQ. You can find her story by scrolling all the way down through the instructions and past the photo prompt. It’s worth the effort.

Her stories are often in the historical fiction genre, although one of my recent favourites was a moving memoir from her own life. She thrills at research and always comes up with an amazing, obscure titbit which adds to the pleasure of reading. Given that she reads every story each week, and corrals the whole unruly crowd, I’ve no idea how she finds the time!

Doug MacIlroy

Doug abandoned the Fictioneer ship for a while recently and was much missed. He’s one of the original members of the group and I’m glad that our nagging won him back (I take some credit there, however unduly!). Doug’s stories are very diverse. He mixes polemics and real-life moments with a good splash of humour. I can’t predict what you’ll read this week, but I suspect it’ll make you think … and smile.

Perry Block

Talking of humour, Perry’s stories are bound to bring a smile. He has a nice, gently funny side in his writing, and his stories make a pleasant bit of light relief from the dark side (that’s me!) and the fantastical (never me!) that fill many of the FF posts each week.

Sandra Crook

Sandra writes in good old fashioned British English. If for no other reason, I love her blog. But there are other reasons, like her tales of adventures on the canals of France, and her FF stories, which are usually beautifully light-touch slices of life. Her characters jump out of the screen and her stories are often quite similar (genre-wise) to the type I like to write, and to the novels I like to read.


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