Friday Fiction – Choosing

Last week, I managed to forget to put up the links. Sorry! This week’s photo is from Rich Voza. As ever, the good ship Fictioneers soars across the waves with Captain Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the helm. Check out the other stories linked on Rochelle’s blog, and let me know what you think of this one of mine!



Joe stared at them – all in a row, all winking and beaming at him. Mum’s advice when faced with a decision was always to have both. But that wasn’t appropriate here. He had to pick. Just one. For the rest of their lives.

An old man appeared at Joe’s elbow, watching him with a smile. “Need some help choosing?”

Joe nodded.

“Sometimes, the truth is, it doesn’t matter which you pick. The decision is an illusion – all doors lead to the same place.” He leaned on the display case. “If she’s the one, she won’t care which ring you buy.”



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31 responses to “Friday Fiction – Choosing

  1. Elmo – you have linked to this story twice from FF 🙂

  2. the sage knows
    how many people don’t accept the ring???

  3. I like this a lot. It’s a sweet story with some profound wisdom thrown in, and all in 100 words!

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    Your story, Choosing, was delightful in its simplicity and wisdom. I believe I will arrive at the end of eighty or so missives and find that yours remains one of my favorite. The salesman is so much more in your tale; father figure, God, revered elder, or for the cynical, a good closer. Whichever we choose, his message is timeless and true, as is your writing.

    How’d you get to be so wise so early?



    • Hi Doug!
      I’ll let you come back and change your comment if your prediction proves untrue. I am with you on not being entirely clear who the old man was – I’m not even sure he’s on the staff at all! But yes, his message has a lot broader application than rings.
      Cheers, Jen

  5. Dear Jennifer,

    This story is so good, it deserves to be linked twice.;) Nice understated use of the prompt. I could go on but it would only detract from your well constructed piece.



  6. Loved this. My husband told me when he was picking out mine the sales guy talked him out of a bigger stone. Said more women returned a ring because the stone was too BIG, rarely when it was too SMALL.

  7. Fantastic! Masterfully played; I didn’t see that last line coming… in fact, had several other scenarios forming in my head. Wonderful job with the prompt!

  8. Lovely story Jennifer. I took the comment ‘all doors lead to the same place’ in a different way, but thenn maybe I’m just a cynic. Or I have a problem seeing you as a romantic. 😉

  9. It’s the thought that counts, right? I like the idea of all the doors leading the same place. The hard part is not choosing the right one; it’s making a decision and going through with it.

  10. The old man hit the nail on the head. Sometimes the choice doesn’t matter. He already made the more important choice of buying a ring, which one is just a minor technicality.

  11. Besides, you can always exchange it.

  12. Maybe choice is an illusion? A fascinating idea. Just to be on the safe side, always buy the one that looks the most expensive!

  13. Outstanding piece, Jen. One of your best. I agreed with Doug about this being a favorite.

  14. Those last words are powerful and i etch them to my memory. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I like the idea that choice is an illusion – that feels comforting, it`s so hard to make all the decisions all life long…it´s kind of “if you know where you belong each way will be the right way”…great interpretation of the prompt.

  16. Very sweet. The idea of the ring being the choice, or the girl being the choice all swirl together here in a very charming way.

  17. Awwww! Sweet, Jen. And so true, too, about decision-making. It’s essentially our whole life (do we get up or stay in bed, etc.). LOVE this one.

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