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Friday Fiction – Squabbles

Friday Fiction time again, thanks to our head prefect, Rochelle Wisoff Fields, and our school photographer, E A Wicklund. Have a read of my story this week, and click on the link to Rochelle’s site if you’d like to see others.

I’d love to see your feedback – good or bad!



Watching, it was hard to know what was mating ritual and what aggression. They wheeled around, sniping and snapping at each other. The males and females almost indistinguishable: gender no more guarantee of temperament than appearance.

“It was different in our day,” said Maggie to no one in particular. “Quieter. More sedate. And the girls had longer hair.”

Rob glanced out at the playground. He liked Maggie; she reminded him of his Gran. The children were lining up now, ready to return to their classes. Soon seagulls would descend and a new battle would commence among the leaves and litter.


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