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Friday Fiction – Perms and Combs

I’ve been convinced it was Wednesday since Monday, but apparently today I’m finally right! I’m like a broken watch – correct twice a day 😉 So, in celebration, Rochelle has put up the prompt, her own photograph this time, and one that gave me several ideas. In the end, I went for this one. If nobody else, I think my Mum will like it. Those who read my post on Numb3rs might also wonder whether I was prompted by the episode I just watched (Season 6, Scratch) and they’d be right.

Anyway, enjoy, and – as always – I welcome your feedback.


Perms and Combs

“I can’t do it,” Shelley yelled.

“Do what?” I asked.

“’kin Maths!”

I ignored the curse.

“It’s pointless.”

“Pointless?” I needed a way to connect with her, then it came to me. The poster on her wall. “Maths is what makes The Slash a genius.”

Slash,” her voice dripped with contempt, “is a guitarist.”

“I know. How many strings on his guitar?”

“Six. I can count, Mum.”

“Six strings. And how many notes does he play? How many songs? All different. That’s Maths.”

She looked at me as though I’d flipped. But she looked at me. We were making progress.


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