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Friday Fiction – Schrodinger’s Hesitation

The writing Gods are demanding this month – NaNoWriMo, Voice Week, a collab project I’m involved in culminates on 30th, and I’m still trying to keep up with my regular posting schedule. So please forgive me if it takes a while to read your comments, or any of the other FF stories. Mine’s below. The prompt is from Al Forbes and – as ever – Rochelle is our lead scientist. you can find the other stories through her blog.

By the way, this is what happens when you look at the picture for a second, then go off to get the baby up. By the time you get back, the story idea in your head is so far from the prompt as to be largely irrelevant (I now realize it’s probably not even a door but a window!). Anyway, too late – inspiration not illustration, right???


Schrodinger’s Hesitation

At the threshold to a new doorway, anything’s possible. Sandy knew that, and it gave her hope. Like that cat in a box that might be dead or alive, and you didn’t know until you opened the box. Not just didn’t know, it was both. Infinite possibilities.

But, she thought, if she were the scientist, she might leave the box closed. Leave the cat at least partly definitely alive.

That’s how she felt now, holding Ben’s jacket in one hand and the mysterious hotel bill in the other. If she didn’t confront him, she could remain at least partly happy.


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Voice Week: Guns in the Toy Box #3

Here’s the third installment of my Voice Week entries. You can see what it’s all about, and read the first installment in Monday’s post. #2 was yesterday. The voices are designed to be read in any order.


Guns in the Toy Box

There has been a Blythe in the Royal Marines since before there was a Royal Marines. Teddy knows the risks; his father was wounded out in Kosovo, but there is no way he wouldn’t have joined up. Doesn’t every little boy want to be like his Daddy?

He used to look through the medals and berets in my Pop’s cabinet when he was tiny. He even played with Pop’s old Webley. Safety catch on. Not loaded, of course. Pop gave it to him for his fifth birthday, said a boy needs to grow up knowing the man he will become.


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