Friday Fiction – In Memoriam

This week’s FF picture (courtesy of Kent Bonham) reminded me of something else. In case it doesn’t have the same effect on you, another picture follows the story. Thanks, as ever to Rochelle for hosting us all; you can find many other stories through her site.


In Memoriam

That summer, we built a ramp. Dad found some wood in the shed and I helped him saw and screw, sand and stain it, then we ceremoniously lowered it into the corner of the pond and banged a couple of nails in to keep it steady.

I used to imagine elves and fairies using it as a slide, covered with ice in winter. But nothing could remove the image from my mind: Mrs Tiggywinkle floating face down among the marsh marigolds. I obviously wasn’t the only one. Three years later, Dad filled the pond and planted  wildflowers over her grave.



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32 responses to “Friday Fiction – In Memoriam

  1. I enjoyed the image of them working together on the ramp and the imaginings that followed. Reality was evidently not quite so enjoyable, especially for Mrs. Tiggywinkle. Love the way you got her in there (but not into the water.) 🙂


  2. Now who the heck is Mrs Tiggywinkle? Is she a neighbour? A neighbour’s cat? Anyway, I enjoyed the ramp. I looks like the kind of ramp they have here in England along the canals, so that aquatic animals can get in and out of the steep walled bodies of water…. I think more people drown is backyard ponds than ever drown in these miles and miles of canals!

    • Poor deprived child, didn’t you ever read Beatrix Potter? Mrs Tiggywinkle is exactly the sort of creature those ramps are designed to help – a hedgehog taking a drink from the pond.

  3. Oh! Such a lovely story with such a tragic twist in it. This one’s a keeper. Well done.

  4. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    Poor Mrs. Tiggywinkle. Hedgehogs and ponds are not a good mix.

  5. Jackie Pendergast

    Love it

  6. Yeah, I thought someone might find a thing or two in that pond other than fish. Story works well.

  7. Poor Mrs Tiggywinkle 😦
    A tale of something which started out as a fun time with endless possibilities turns sour. Somewhat allegorical perhaps?

  8. Not a good end for Mrs Tiggywinkle, she should never have tried to branch out from children’s stories. Poor soul.

  9. Dear Jenn,

    While the Beatrix Potter reference went over my head (deprived child that I was) it didn’t diminish my enjoyment for your story or your writing. You’ve covered three years of a child’s life in 100 words. Well done.



    • This is an outrage. Did her stories never make it across the big pond? Like Mrs T, did they get caught in the marsh marigolds just off the British coast? Well, you’ve missed a lot, but I’m glad you still enjoyed the story.

  10. Poor little Mrs. Tiggywinkle! An imaginative story. And the photo you added–lovely!!!

    • Save the hedgehogs! We had a pond when I was a kid, but the marsh marigolds were shallow enough that any errant hedgehogs could probably have used them to get out. We certainly never had a casualty, thank goodness.

  11. The details painted as vivid a scene as your lovely photo, Jenn. Beautiful writing.

  12. Very sad. And an empathetic dad.

  13. What a Dad-not only was he handy but sensitive too:-)Great piece!

  14. Ooh, very nice. So much imagination and pain.

  15. Oh yes, Mrs Tiggywinkle takes me back to my Potter days. I loved those books! But I was sad too as poor Mrs. T went down in the pond. Great story.

  16. great job. I wonder what you could do in 3,000 words or so.

  17. Oh gosh. I’ve had similar experiences trying to ‘help’ wildlife in the garden. You really have to think it through. You learn from your mistakes, but oh some of those mistakes … ! Also, to pinch a quote from Pinkola Estes – who encourages women to keep a garden, – everything that happens in a garden, happens in life.

  18. A different take than mine, obviously haha, but I really liked the shift in tone at the end – and the little hint about what’s going on in the dad’s head worked to give it even more impact.

  19. NO! Not Mrs Tiggywinkle! Such sad imagery… that said, each line was beautifully crafted. Busy weekend, but better late, than never. 😉

  20. Excellent piece of writing.
    And happy that AnElephant isn’t the only one bumping folk off this week!

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