Another small publishing credit to my name!

1x50x100 is a collaborative project: 50 authors, brought together by Madison Woods of Friday Fictioneers fame, and featuring a few handfuls of Fictioneers as well as some others. The result is fifty remarkable pieces of flash fiction, all based on a single photographic prompt. One of the stories is my own, and not one you’ll have seen on my blog. It’s a project I’ve been involved with for about a year now, although Madison gets the credit for most of the hard work, the rest of us just write and edit our stories!
A paperback version will be available in due course, but if you prefer your reading digital, or just can’t wait, the Kindle version (also readable on other digital readers via the free Kindle app) is available now for $1 USD, $1.03 CAD or £0.77, depending on your location.
Search Amazon (books department) for 1x50x100, or click on the price above to make your purchase.
Thanks for reading!


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7 responses to “Published!

  1. I’m pleased and honored to be sharing the space with you and some of my other favorite writers, Jennifer 😉

  2. Cool, nice one! I shall have to grab me a copy.

    • Oh yes, do. I think there are some genuinely fantastic stories in there, and for $1, where can you go wrong! Spread the word, if we sell enough copies, a fiftieth of the profit will come my way!

  3. pattisj


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