Friday Fiction – Testing Spelling

Maybe it’s the grammarian in me, but one thing jumped out of this week’s FF prompt, copyright to and courtesy of Randy Mazie. And it gave me a chance to reprise three of my recurring characters. If you like them, check out their previous exploits here, here and here. However, this story is designed to stand entirely alone. I welcome your honest feedback.


Testing Spelling

“Next one: Trespassing.”

Matty chewed his lip. “T…R…E…S…S?”

“No!” Luke shouted through the wall. “One S, then two!”

“Shut up, Shrimp!”

“Boys,” I warned.

“I’m helping,” Luke said from the doorway.

“You’re not. I can do it.” Matty is sharp as a tack, but he’s not as academic as his little brother. It drives him nuts.

“Luke, back to bed.”

“Think of trees, passing,” Luke whispered. “Then take out the extra e.”

Matty glared at the door as I pushed it closed. “T…R…E,” A longer pause for the e, “S…P…A…SS…ING!”

The muffled sound of proud applause came through the door.


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30 responses to “Friday Fiction – Testing Spelling

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    HA! And here I made up the Trees Passing bit to make my story work. Delightful characters.

  2. I love your Luke. What a great brother! 🙂

  3. So very cute and intelligent,lovely! 🙂

  4. A real sense of the sibling relationship here – well done Jennifer.

  5. kz

    haha loved this. really clever 🙂

  6. Ah the love/hate of siblings. This was great.

  7. Ahh, such a lovely little piece of magic 🙂

  8. Clever, amusing and well written.
    Quite delightful.

  9. Very clever! I love how you used the miss-spelling as the focal point of your story – I’m afraid I “re-spelled” it for mine 🙂

  10. A home-y piece, Jen, that I really enjoyed. You do casual dialogue so well.


  11. What great idea Jen, really enjoyed this one. Though you have to love applause don’t you.

    • I hoped that “proud applause” would make it clear – Luke really is rooting for his brother. He just hasn’t yet learnt that sometimes even real help isn’t wanted.

  12. help me out. Matt said to luke “shut up shrimp.” so luke is the younger/smaller brother, but luke is more academic. right?

  13. Dear Jenn,

    Your story puts me in mind of all the refereeing I had to do between three boys. Spot on dialogue.



  14. Clever! The brothers will do well together – a nice feeling you leave us with.

  15. That’s cute. I like the dialogue. The spelling mistake immediately jumped out at me too. 🙂

  16. I don’t know how old these boys are, but I can relate to Matt. Having a walking dictionary following you around can be very aggravating. Great dialogue, Jenn. I felt I was right there.

  17. Really –the applause made all the this story..

  18. That flowed so easily. Nicely written. There are still words that I have to think twice about when spelling. I suppose we all have our own peculiar little mental blocks.

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