Not really Friday Fiction

Happy New Year!

Rochelle was kind enough to mention me in her home post this week and I can’t wait to read her story. Mine is a bit of a break from the norm, for which I’ve got 100 bad excuses which I won’t burden you with. I hope it pleases or amuses, and is received in the manner intended. If you want to see some proper FF entries, click on the link back on the homepage.



“Clearly the work of photoshop,” smiled Elmo.

“Rochelle says not,” Doug reminded her. “She says her daughter-in-law will swear to it. That’s her granddaughter right there.”

“Well, that’s proof then,” Elmo nodded, more to herself than the others.

“What do you mean?” asked Janet.

“Well, Rochelle is no way old enough to have any grandchildren. Her attitude, spirit, the photograph on her blog…”

“She and her husband just celebrated their anniversary. Forty-two years,” Janet reminded them.

“Then I rest my case. For the person who made Rochelle’s beautiful youthful blog photo, a dog up a tree would be a doddle!”



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25 responses to “Not really Friday Fiction

  1. I reckon you could be on to something here Jen, but Rochelle is such an honest soul, how could we doubt her and the child is so innocently cute. Good argument though, I didn’t think she was old enough either.

  2. You are quite convincing here… I think we have alll been fooled… Photoshop have to be behind it all

  3. Just started here on FF (this was the second photo prompt that I’ve responded to), but you’re right, the photo of Rochelle does look much too youthful to be the picture of a grandmother 🙂

  4. Nice break in style for you, Jen. I hope you’re managing to keep warm. Happy 2014.


  5. A lovely riff on Rochelle’s post. And I have to admit, I was taken aback to realise she’s old enough to have a granddaughter.

  6. Dear Jennifer,

    I’m glad the like button is working. 😉 The picture of me in question was only taken a couple of years ago and you’re being very kind. I assure you I’m old enough to have a granddaughter…waited quite a while for her in fact.

    Thank you for such a delightful post. Going to bed smiling now.



  7. Dear Jennifer,

    I love you (in a very writerly way. Don’t panic)

    Your story is a gem.



  8. I feel so left out. No I’m kidding. I’m probably there, listening but not speaking. It’s kind of my thing. I’ve had a lifetime of practice.

  9. A fun story for a fun photo!

  10. Clever use of brown nosing… or cute nosing… even if we all know Rochelle made up the granddaughter part! 😉 Great use of dialogue!

  11. Clever, funny and original.
    AnElephant loves it.

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