Friday Fiction – Writer’s Retreat

It’s Friday Fiction time again! This week’s photo comes from Dawn Q Landau, via Rochelle’s HQ for this unruly group of mariners. My response follows below the picture and I welcome your feedback.

Just a week in, and 2014 is already testing our strength and resolve. Still, D:ream would tell us Things Can Only Get Better, and Rudyard Kipling would declare it a test of our manhood (I mean that in a strictly gender-irrelevant sense). In light of that, this is a story about filling the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run. Enjoy…


Writer’s Retreat
“Look!” Susie pointed at the screen. “You know I’ve always wanted a place to write, away from distraction.”
“A ruin?” Len asked.
“OK, the picture in my head was prettier, but lighthouses are expensive. I can’t earn without writing, and I can’t write without somewhere to do it.”
“That isn’t somewhere to write! That’s a renovations black hole!”
Susie nodded. “It needs some work first. But then I’ll be free to write!”
Len sighed and tapped the screen. It flicked back to the flash game Susie had been playing when he walked in. “There are cheaper ways to procrastinate, honey.”


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19 responses to “Friday Fiction – Writer’s Retreat

  1. It doesn’t sound like he has much faith in her ability to apply herself. Nice one Jen. For every dreamer there is a realist to provide an anchor.

  2. Yes, I know those types of writing distractions. I used to be good by going somewhere without Internet, but now I have Minecraft on my computer. 🙂

  3. Dear Jen,

    All hail the pragmatic husband. So easy to be distracted. Your story made me smile and then laugh. Although that little shack on the beach doesn’t look like it has wi fi. 😉



    • As I said to David, I don’t think lack of wifi is enough. Like Len, this looks like a whole lifetime’s worth of procrastination in the form of renovations to me!

  4. Helena Hann-Basquiat

    Oh, I love that last line… cheaper ways to procrastinate!

  5. I wonder if that place has Internet?

  6. Heck, procrastination can be completely free. 🙂 Good one, Jen. Sending you some heat from Arizona. Now time to get off and back to Mom and Dad’s house.


  7. Procrastination unfortunately is something I am very familiar with. To the point that sometimes I really get annoyed with myself.

  8. Ha! I had nearly this exact conversation with my own hubby as we passed some “fixer-uppers” scattered across the Orkney Islands. So isolated, surely I could get some writing done–then some truly impressive fog rolled in and I was mesmerized. Distractions (and procrastination) don’t require modern technology!

  9. LOL!! This is a page out of every writer’s book, I think. Loved it!

  10. I really laughed and laughed at your last lines. So true. I have only just dusted myself off after taking the entire Christmas New Years and the next week off from working on my next book. Even my foray into Friday Fictioneers is procrastination. But don’t you get tired sitting in the same seat trying to write? Oh, it’s hard, but someone has to do it…

    • The holiday period is allowed to be a break, I think, but it’s best if it sets you off with new vigour, not if it lulls you into a happy place of procrastinating idleness!

  11. clever story, made me chuckle at the end. 🙂

  12. pattisj

    Wow, I think we all identified with this one. Nice work!

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