Old In Mon

As I may not get chance to post an InMon story, please enjoy this link to one of my favourites from the time I’ve been following the prompts. from the last few years. This one caught my eye looking back, because as I type, Sebastian is being particularly challenging – screaming when he should be sleeping both during naptime and at 3 in the morning. We’re all exhausted, and exhaustion sometimes gets in the way of gratitude. Rereading this story was a timely reminder.


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2 responses to “Old In Mon

  1. pattisj

    Enjoyed your linked story. Sorry to hear Sebastian is having a tough time of it. This, too, shall pass, and eventually you will get some sleep. Hang in there!

    • Thanks Patti, it will of course, and he is so wonderful and rewarding the rest of the time that I can’t grumble really. I just always appreciate it when something makes me stop and take a step back for a moment.

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