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Friday Fiction – Sangria

Well, I’m back in Canada and wondering whether I should have left! -14 feels a lot worse when you were in +5 just a few hours before! We had a great time though and really enjoyed seeing so many friends and family back in Blighty.

And I enjoyed getting early on the roster for Friday Fiction last week. This week’s picture comes from one of FF’s heavyweights – Janet Webb. I hope you enjoy my story and stop by Rochelle’s site to read others.



“Is anything more beautiful than sangria?” Julie swirled the drink to let it soak up the Spanish sun.

Don tore his gaze from the harbour. “You’re expecting me to say ‘you’?”

“Expecting? Never. The wine and spirits are bitter, but do you know what really makes it perfect?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “Fruit and sugar. Sweetness is what makes the recipe work.”

“I brought you here, didn’t I? Sangria on the Main, you wanted, Sangria on the Main you got. See? I listen.” And he was back to his yachts, leaving Julie alone beside him, contemplating bittersweet perfection.


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