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Friday Fiction – The Fűhrer’s New Armour

Isn’t it interesting what makes us uncomfortable? I found it quite difficult to write this story, not because of the writing itself, but because it felt somehow like trivializing a subject that shouldn’t be. I hope you won’t feel like that about the resulting 100 words. It isn’t actually the first story that came to mind, but it’s the one that stuck when I started writing things down.

We are guided on these waters by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who has offered us her own picture this week. copyright for the image is hers and for everything else is mine. I welcome your constructive criticism, feedback and general musings. And my guests leave today, so I hope to get around more of the other stories this week too.


The Fűhrer’s New Armour

A guard raised his arm as they entered; the Kommandant only nodded in reply. “You’ll want to inspect the Fűhrer’s personal commission, of course.” He led the way into a small workshop.

“Did you design it yourself?” Rolf asked.

The Kommandant laughed. “Anshel Ben Haim – formerly an armourer – was here. His intersecting triangles provide superior blast protection and it will be painted yellow to deflect invisible waves apparently known to cause blindness.”

“I’d like to meet him.”

“He is no longer available.” The Kommandant sounded almost disappointed, but a moment later he smiled. “Shall we see the ovens before dinner?”


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