Lazing On A Monday Afternoon…

It’s Monday, which means I should be sharing something witty or edifying or something with you, and it’s Monday afternoon, so I’m already late, which means there’s an extra onus to make it something good. The problem is, I’ve been up since 5.30 with a certain young man, who powered through until 3pm refusing to sleep, and now that he’s finally crashed into bed, I have the energy to be neither edifying nor witty. Instead, here’s some pictures for a lazy Monday afternoon…

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright J Alexander

Copyright John Alexander




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3 responses to “Lazing On A Monday Afternoon…

  1. John

    Let’s hope that you get back to sleeping pattern soon!

  2. You did share something good. 🙂 Enjoy and hopefully you’ll be able to get more rest tonight.


  3. Lilly

    Was just trolling your writing blog and found this picture of the twins and your family. You all look amazing and so happy to see Max and Pepsi growing up. Their sister FuzzyButt Bella is super fat now..almost round like a bowling ball! Well, maybe she isn’t that bad but she is 20 pounds. Wishing everyone health and happiness.

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