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Friday Fiction – Preserving Beauty

Wow, FF hasn’t been this difficult for me in a long time. The picture from Danny Bowman is so bleak and yet stunning, I wanted to do it justice with my story, but the ideas clanked out slowly and the resulting first draft was much too long and pointless to be worth sharing. Sometimes, the muse just doesn’t want to get out of bed – I know how she feels!

But here, at last, it my offering. I hope it’s worth the wait.


Preserving Beauty

Marie nipped the flower from a crevice in the rock and into her book. She glanced around and sighed. In preserving beauty, she had crushed the volcano’s only hope of bearing life.

Tears blinded her as she stumbled back to the Observation Station. She and Louis had shared a hope once, but she too was barren wasteland.

“I ruin everything,” she sobbed.

“Another quake,” he whispered. “We need to evacuate.”

Blackness seeped into the crevice, scorching roots and stem as the research team retreated. Tucked away, the hope of the mountain survived: pollen caught in the leaves of a sketchbook.


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The Challenge of Challenges

I love a challenge as much as the next person, and I’m always a fan when my friends take them on, whether it’s read a book a week, run a marathon or write a letter every day for a month. I often want to join in – I’d love to read more, write more letters and post a photo every day about how thankful I am (I’ll live without the marathon, thanks, although I have started going to the gym more often). And all of these things are possible – I’ve done nanowrimo; I know there is time in every day you never thought was there.

But it’s not possibly to do ALL these things at once – you have to pick your priorities. I don’t like picking, so I’m trying a gentler version of a lot of things…

I have recently joined a book group and although we spend more time talking about jobs and babies than the book, it’s encouraged me to read more, which is fantastic. But if I read a book a week, something else would have to go.

I am trying to be more thankful – that’s always a good mood booster and mood boosting is always a good thing – but I don’t think I’ll subject anyone to photos of it.

There are lots of people I only seem to contact at Christmas. I’m not sure about a letter a day, but I’d certainly like to keep in better contact with the people I love.

AND I’m writing more too – I got into a bit of a slump post-November and have settled on my haunches a bit. I’m keen to get back to writing more than just what appears on this blog. I’ve got plans for next year’s NaNo novel, which will take a lot of planning and research, so I need to start early, and for some short stories. Plus I always welcome prompts – on Saturday I wrote 500 words about dogs taking over Toronto post-apocalypse on the whim of a friend I was chatting to that morning. It was a lot of fun.

What’s your latest challenge? Should I be adding a watered down version of that to my life too?


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