Happy Victoria Day

The twenty-fourth of May 

Is the Queen’s birthday; 

If they don’t give us a holiday 

We’ll all run away!

Mum gone home, husband abroad, something resembling a smoker’s cough keeping me up all night … I’m not convinced today’s going to feel much like a holiday for Sebastian and me, but we’ll try not to run away. Perhaps, like Google.ca, we’ll focus on the 40th Anniversary of the Rubik’s cube instead!


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7 responses to “Happy Victoria Day

  1. Well that explains the whirling Rubik’s cube on my Google page. Can’t say I’m overly enthused. Couldn’t solve it then, I’m sure it’s no better now. 😉 Happy Victoria Day, Jenn.



  2. Sounds like as good a reason for a holiday as any, Jen. (Do you spell that with one “n” or two?? I’m wondering whether I’ve been spelling it differently than you.) Hope you’re feeling better or, failing that, not worse.


  3. Have a great holiday. I remember fond days of getting that off when I was in Canada, although it always seemed to rain that weekend. Of course, here we get other days off, so it’s all good.

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